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Macross DVD delayed until Summer 2001

    September 30, 2000

At Anime Weekend Atlanta we gave the first sneak preview of episode 1 of Macross, and also announced that we are pushing back the release of Macross to the summer. This was not an easy decision to make, but we think it is the right one. Here is our reasoning:

* We obviously want the Macross set to be perfect. We could rush Macross out for Xmas but doing so would run an unacceptable risk of a player compatibility problem slipping through the cracks.

* Our experience with UY DVD has been eye-opening. Proper DVD authoring is much more complex than video mastering, and a nightmare with respect to player compatibility. We want to nail down all these issue before we release Macross. A major difficulty for us is that Anime fans tend to have one of two types of DVD players, either the inexpensive ones or the very early models, and these are the ones that have the most player-specific issues.

* The UY DVD problems and the re-authoring of BGC DVD have consumed a huge amount of Shin's time, and have impacted our ability to progress on Macross. Even so, large amounts of the "minion" preproduction work, in particular the timing, have been locked down.

* As UY DVD and BGC dragged on, we realized that Shin was on the critical path for too many aspects of production, and we are going to be hiring an assistant producer to take on some of these functions and permit him to concentrate on DVD production issues.

* While Shin's been battling with DVD player issues, his minions have not been idle. They have gone ahead and done the pre-authoring conversion work on a large number of titles, including the next UY TV DVD set, as well as the movies and OVAs. We are accelerating the production of the next UY TV DVD set to act as a test-bed for all the fixes we've uncovered on the first one. It will probably ship in January though we may be able to get it done in time for Xmas. We will reopen the signup on this next week.

* We have other products that are either in authoring or about to go into authoring, and are expanding the number of authoring houses we deal with. These projects include Spirit of Wonder, Lone Wolf and Cub, Oh My Goddess and Vampire Miyu. But we have to be careful because extra projects suck away even more time from Shin's ability to work on Macross.

* Apart from discs that work in as many players as possible, a major benefit from the delay will be the ability to add some extras to Macross. Don't ask what, we aren't sure yet, and if we have to choose between functionality and compatibility and extra goodies, the goodies lose.



Robert Woodhead, CEO, AnimEigo



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