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Who Made This?

Why don't we give more recognition to the individuals behind games?

By James Stevenson     March 21, 2003

Whenever I'm sitting at a movie theater and I hear about a new Steven Spielberg movie, I get excited. The same goes for when Shigeru Miyamoto is heading up a new videogame project. Why is that? Well, both men have a track record of excellent work. It's a given that I'll want to check out their latest. But why isn't this more common practice in the gaming industry?

There are few solid names that incite gamers in our industry. Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the most famous, along with Sid Meier, Hideo Kojima, Yuji Naka, and Yu Suzuki (I apologize if you feel excluded, these are just off the top of my head). The studios seem to be a bit more recognized Sonic Team, Incog, Insomniac, Nintendo EAD. But why not try and push the developers more?

Konami has recently begun a strategy like this, on ZONE OF THE ENDERS: THE SECOND RUNNER, the game proudly proclaims "Produced by Hideo Kojima." This is where I think gaming should go. Would PIKMIN have sold better had it been the latest in the line of "The Shigeru Miyamoto Collection"? I bet it would have.

Why not give these guys a bit more glory and name recognition? It will only serve to give gamers certain designers that are their favorites, and will inspire a bit more brand loyalty especially for second party developers. Any game Miyamoto has a hand on I will buy, just because I know I love his work.

As we grow bigger and bigger, it's time for the gaming populace to learn more about the men (and women in some cases, check out the latest issue of Cinescape Magazine for more on one of them) behind the software. Why not give a bit more individual glory?


TALES OF PHANTASIA is coming to the Game Boy Advance... Nintendo will release the GameCube games WARIO WORLD in June, MARIO GOLF in July, and F-ZERO in August, it is also planning on releasing DONKEY KONG COUNTRY and ADVANCE WARS 2 in


June... FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES will be released in Japan this summer, more details on the game will be revealed at E3... APE ESCAPE 2 will come to North America thanks to publisher Ubi Soft which picked up the rights to the game... Sega will make 2003 the year of Sonic the Hedgehog with a new TV show, videogames, toys and marketing blitz... LucasArts has canceled RTX RED ROCK for the GameCube...


This is my easiest On Shelves selection since METROID PRIME came out. You have to pick up a copy of THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: THE WIND WAKER.


It's quite possibly as good as OCARINA OF TIME and one of the best games to come out during the life span of the GameCube. I'll also give the nod to Sony's AMPLITUDE it's a great music game that's very addiction and worth your time. Finally, PRIMAL and AUTO MODELLISTA seem to round out the list of games worth playing. Still, I think the first is the highest priority and should keep you busy for a while.

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