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Trouble usually comes in threes, and Tachibana Tsukasa's just received his full share! Not only is he about to take his final graduation exams for the third time, but he's also being plagued by horrible nightmares of his own impending death and three apprentice witches have just shown up on his doorstep, all determined to pass their own final exams... and Tsukasa's the test subject!

Witch number one is Chipple, a sweet and charming student of the White Magic School, whose deceptively simple sounding task is to make Tsukasa like her, something that's actually not so easy when she has to share her test subject with Irene, a sultry siren who only passed the written part of her final exam with an unauthorized oral examination, and who's convinced that the way to Tsukasa's heart is through a quick course in the perils of the flesh... whether he wants it or not!

Worst of all is Liv, the apprentice from the Black Magic School, whose final assignment is not just murdering Tsukasa, but also to make him really suffer first! Between Irene tying him up, Liv trying to slash his throat and Chipple running damage control, Tsukasa's life becomes a living hell, and not even his incredibly cool friend Tatsuhiko can help him study for this exam!

The roof of Tsukasa's house isn't the only thing likely to get blown as Mortals and Magic Users come together in a cataclysmically chaotic climax of uncontrollable conjuring and cohabition; after all, with full-witchhood at stake, there's not much these magic using minxes won't do to earn an A, even if making the grade does mean laying the unfortunate test subject.... out cold!

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Magical Twilight by Critical Mass Video
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