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Magical Witch Punie-Chan

On the outside, Punie-chan looks like your average magical girl. She's a cheery princess from another land, she's attending school on Earth for the year, and she has an adorable animal sidekick. But cross her and prepare to pay the price. The sweet young lady becomes a merciless force of destruction, leaving bodies, utterly broken by her signature submission holds, in her righteous wake.

While it seems that she has more enemies than friends and that even her sidekick Paya-tan is out to get her, no one can deny that Punie-chan is irresistible in one shape or form

Genre: Dark Comedy, Magical Girl

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Region 1 - North America

Magical Witch - Punie Chan by Media Blasters
Magical Witch Punie-Chan Special Edition by Media Blasters

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