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Magneto Moves Into The X-Mansion?

By Dave Richards     December 09, 2002

Ian McKellenposted two new photos on his website of himself as returning X-Men foe Magneto in X-Men 2. The photosmight contain some spoilers. Those of you who want to be surprised havebeen warned.

One photois of Magneto as we last saw him, wearing his prison uniforms and encasedin his plastic prison. 

The other photois of Magneto dressed in a black possibly leather version of the costumehe wore in the first film. 

There is also a V or X shaped pip on his collar.The background of the photo also contains some hints at Magneto's rolein the film. It appears to be the X-Men's Jet. This photo raises some interestingquestions. Are the X-Men forced to cooperate with their greatest foe todefeat an even greater threat to mutants?


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