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Maid-Sama! Episode #13-14

Maid-Sama! Episode #13-14 Anime Review

By G.B. Smith     September 30, 2010
Release Date: September 30, 2010

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Deliquents? Girl-hating hypnotists? What the heck? I thought this was supposed to be a slightly comedic shoujo romance? 

What They Say
Aratake, the strongest delinquent at school, and his gang can't believe Naoya Shirakawa, a former gang leader himself, has gone soft; so the gang abducts a cross-dressing Yukimura, who they mistake for Naoya's girlfriend. Then, the Student Council plans to hold an open house at Seika High to attract more girls to enroll there. However, a girl-hating freshman named Soutarou Kanou is against it, and interferes with their work by hypnotizing them to derail their efforts.

The Review!
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
It would seem that the writer wasn't quite ready to advance the relationship between Usui and Misaki any further for the moment, so instead of that, we have a diversion: Aratake, a delinquent from Seisen Jr. High, wants to show his power by matching himself against the once legendary "White Devil" of his school: Naoya Shirakawa. Of course, we know Shirakawa as one of the Three Idiots who are now putty in maid-mode Misaki's hands. When Aratake sees how soft Shirakawa has become, he hits upon a plan of kidnapping Shirakawa's "girlfriend." The problem, of course, is the "girl" he kidnaps is actually Yukimura, the male vice-president of the Student Council who is so girlish that people force him to dress in drag at times. On one such (stupid) occasion, he gets kidnapped.

After Misaki and Usui find out, together with the Idiot Trio, they set out on a trip to Seisen Jr. High to rescue Yukimura. Once there, they come across Aoi (not in drag for a change) as that is his school. They discover that the delinquents are not there though, so they try to think of where they might be. Shirakawa remembers a hideout they used to use, and so they plan to make their move later in the day, dressed as delinquents and carrying a sign claiming they're shooting a school drama. Of course, while they are rehearsing, every possible interruption that can come along does, with the most amusing being Suzuna, Misaki's younger sister, who takes the whole appearance of her sister (in "gang" attire) in stride and even wants to join in by playing the final boss (denied).

In the end, they infiltrate the secret base, as Aratake wanted, since what he wanted the most was to confront Shirakawa. Not because he hated him or anything, but because he wanted to show how much he had grown since the two had first met. It appears that when Aratake was just a first year, he was once beaten up by a group of bullies, and Shirakawa rescued him, single-handedly defeating them all. Now that Aratake has grown up, he wants to impress Shirakawa with his power and authority. The two get into a fight, and though Misaki wants to intervene, Usui holds her back and tells her that the two are actually having a conversation by fighting. Shirakawa wins the fight, but he lets Arakawa understand that he knows what this was all about. In the end, though, the Idiot Trio reveal Misaki to be at the top of the pyramid, and so all of the junior high delinquents bow before her.

Poor Yukimura, of course, is completely forgotten by this point.

In the next episode, we learn a little more about the Student Council. A plan is in place to increase the number of female students, but that is not to everyone's liking. Especially one rather mysterious hooded figure who seems to have an extreme aversion to girls. His dislike of girls is so strong, that he takes it upon himself to try to derail the Student Council's plans by hypnotizing its members into making fools of themselves. He even manages to get Misaki into his grasp at one point, but, of course, she has her own guardian angel/stalker to watch over her, and Usui gets Misaki away to safety before the hooded figure's trap could be sprung.

The girl-hater is one Soutarou Kanou of class 1-7. Usui tests his theory that Kanou hates girls by forcing Yukimura (poor Yukimura) to dress as a girl and bump into Kanou, who reacts as if he had just gotten the cooties (since that's his maturity level on this issue). Usui confronts him, and Kanou tries his whole "geass" thing out on him, but it does not work on him. Of course, once Misaki finds out what Kanou is doing, she goes to confront him and she winds up being hypnotized yet again, this time with the suggestion that she will hate Usui. If she can stay awake for 24 hours straight, the suggestion won't take hold. Usui tries his best to help, and Misaki wants to beat the challenge as well, not because she doesn't already hate Usui (so she says), but because she doesn't want Kanou to think that he's won.

Unfortunately, near the last moments, Kanou manages to trick Yukimura into giving Misaki some pain relief pills that have the side effect of making one sleepy. So, at the last minute practically, Misaki falls asleep, with Usui there, telling her that even if she hates him, he will make her love him again. The episode ends with Kanou coming to gloat.

In Summary:
The first episode of this pair was a fun diversion. While at first it looked like it might be yet another stale use of the "kidnap and rescue" plot, that was merely an excuse to give some backstory to Naoya Shirakawa, a member of the Idiot Trio, while also giving us a rather humorous "delinquent" version of Misaki, Usui, and even Aoi. In the end, the kidnapping is forgotten (as is the subject of it, poor Yukimura). In the second episode, however, this show goes down the wrong path again, introducing yet another annoying character who really could use a physical beating, even if violence solves nothing in this world: Soutarou Kanou, a freshman who is incredibly afraid of girls, to the point that he wishes to turn Seika High back into an all-boys school, if he can use his power of hypnosis to screw up the Student Council, including the apparently easy-to-hypnotize president Misaki. Usui, immune to the power, obviously, tries his best to counter him, but at the end, it may be that Misaki, under a suggestion to hate Usui, may grow apart from her stalker/protector. We will have to see.

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