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Majel Roddenberry Slams EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT

Actress/producer pulls back from series 5th season.

By Frank Kurtz     August 16, 2001

Majel Roddenberry as Dr. Julianne Belman on GENE RODDENBERRY'S EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT
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Majel Roddenberry isn't holding back on her current seeming disdain for the GENE RODDENBERRY'S EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT TV series.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Roddenberry revealed that she has "pulled back" on her executive producer duties on the series. She explains her current take on the program, saying, "We no longer have Americans on the show. That makes it, to me, a different show. The whole concept has changed so tremendously that even though [earlier seasons] weren't very much of Gene's concept, at least we had the pretext of doing it [per Gene's writings]. Now, I guess, they've just forgotten the whole thing. It's an entirely different concept. There are so many people willing to just go ahead and pay to use the [Roddenberry] name. That's why I always insisted on seeing everything."

Roddenberry also told the site that she isn't likely to be playing her recurring role of Dr. Belman on the series any time soon, saying, "Toronto is a long way for me to fly. Every time they want me for something, it seems it's the winter months, and I'm cold. So I've really withdrawn from that."


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