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Make Love sounds

Campbell's book comes to CD

By BRIAN THOMAS     August 26, 2005

© Thomas Dunne Books
Soon you will be able to hear all the sounds of MAKE LOVE! In your car, your bedroom, or just about anywhere!

Everybody's favorite actor Bruce Campbell (currently stealing scenes in SKY HIGH), who has fought evil in a large number of B-movies, invaded the world of literature in a big way with his autobiography IF CHINS COULD KILL. This year, Campbell followed with another bestseller this time a anti-reality non-advice novel entitled MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY. After a successful tour promoting the book, Campbell got into the studio to create a 6-volume audio version for Rykodisc.

The novel tells of how B-movie actor Campbell is suddenly offered a key supporting role in an A-list romantic comedy starring Richard Gere and Renee Zellweger. The project sounds so intriguing that readers may be tempted to look it up on the web to see when it opens, but the journalistic veneer begins to peel away gradually, starting with director Mike Nichol's confession of being a big admirer of Bruce Campbell for his work in McHALE'S NAVY. Campbell uses research for his role as a romance-wise doorman as potential raw material for a new "relationship book". Meanwhile, his presence infects the production with a "B-movie virus", turning a conservative mainstream picture into a bloated action epic. Somehow, this all leads to Campbell becoming a fugitive from the law.

Rather than delivering a standard audio book with Sir Ian McKellen reading the prose, Campbell and friends have turned the book into an epic-length audio production that recalls old time radio shows. Set for release September 27, this six CD set (SRP $29.98) turns Campbell's hilarious story into what he calls an "Audio Movie" (though hopefully someone will make it into a Movie Movie before long). Love books but hate to read? Then MAKE LOVE! THE BRUCE CAMPBELL WAY is for you!

(© 2005 Brian Thomas) Brian Thomas is the author of the massive book VideoHound's DRAGON: ASIAN ACTION & CULT FLICKS, available now!

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