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thezillaman 12/12/2012 4:54:19 PM

@lazarus, you crazy grumpy old son of a bitch lol. you made me laugh.. i see your making friends lol. look i get your point the old superman movie all the way to his undies was a great film for it's time. but that was then and this is now it's time for a new man of steel with or without the classic superman music. your not going to change peoples way of thinking and if some think this new man of steel is going to be better then so what? you said it before everyone has a right to their opinion and you just have to deal with it also. if superman has the curl in his hair or not or the music, and like i said even if he's missing his classic red underwear, so what?  not you or any of us know how this is going to turn out only time will tell. i think the trailer looks great though that's just my opinion anyway. relax a little go with the times and also   know that kids nown days are messed up, and only going to get woooorrrssseee,lol. i'm with wise on this i think there will be somthing at the end if not maybe at some point int he movie to extent the DCU, it has to, if not maybe if the man of steel does well we could get some of that in the next film why not?  i read before they had hopes on introducing WW, in the new man of steel movie but needed to be done right and find a spot and time in the film to do so, so if not her could be something else and we will find out when it comes out.  i think martian manhunter would have been the right way to go about it , like it was mentioned before kinda looking out or hiding till the time is righgt to come out. there are so many things we just don't know and that's what's exciting for me also just not knowing what's going to happen.. i also did read that H.C will be the superman in the JLA movie all they need is a new person to play batman and for the green lantern well let's just hope R.R get's a second chasnce at it, i think with the right material it could work, so no need to to retell the story in those two and start bringing in the rest..

lazarus 12/12/2012 5:00:43 PM

SC, the problem is this, the more dark, gritty and realistic you get the more you can paint yourself into a corner.

Like the scenario I posed earilier about since Zod is a military genius he would attack Superman's weakness. Not Kryptonite but compassion. Or his family. One scene in the trailer shows and aliend ship (presumably Zod's) hovering in front of the Kent farm. So Zod takes his parents hostage and basically tells Supes to surrender or they die. Now in reality all he has to do is make good on his threat and Supes caves like a bad souffle. Or take Lois hostage, etc. You get the point. The problem with getting dark is that the villian also must be darker to be believable. A great example of this is Ledger's Joker, which is by far the best villian on film in a superhero genre to date. Bar none. He was believable, insane and terrifyingly intelligent.

THAT is the kind of villian I hope Zod is. To be anything less will be disingenuinous to the character in my opinion.

There was a Superman one shot put out that would be awesome to do on film. It is called Secret Idenitity and the theme is bringing the Superman story to a more realistic environment. Instead of Krypton the main character is named Clark Kent and the Superman mythos exists in this world as fiction. Soon the lead character is tired of being teased for havnig the name Clark Kent and resents it. He finds out much through accident that he has the powers of Superman. Read it if you get a chance. It would make for a good film because it more realistically deals with the reaction our govt has and how he has to live his life.

lazarus 12/12/2012 5:12:17 PM

I would really like to see Cavill play Superman in this new universe Zilla. He does look the part and I really loved his part in Immortals. I am grumpy ass ole man, STAY OFF MY LAWN. MM would be the ideal choice IMHO for some one to start expanding the universe. He could be the Nick Fury character of this universe. Maybe. Lets say this, maybe he is being held at the same facility Supes is taken to? Who knows.

I still think Nathan Fillian would be a better GL and the new Bats? Paul Wesley could pull it off I think. Maybe Arnie Hammer. Who knows.

thezillaman 12/12/2012 5:16:43 PM

also nothing wrong with bringing back ZOD as long as he gives man of steel a real showdown like i have the feeling he will in this next movie, nothing wrong there. and yes i also think this will be the" BEST" superman movie to are you going to insult me for saying that too? lol. and yes you are an ASSHOLE, what else is new?? just deal with it laz...shot gun!! lol... crazy old man..

SarcasticCaveman 12/12/2012 5:16:45 PM

 I think you might have missed the point I was trying to make...well, maybe the question I was trying to ask.  I'm posing that it's possible to make a somewhat dark and gritty movie without a dark and gritty main character.  That's Superman.  He has always endeavored to be the best of mankind, always above the worst that anyone can offer.  It takes a LOT to turn him dark, such as a nuclear strike that kills millions (Kingdom Come, anybody?  Come on, he was about to obliterate the UN before Norman was able to reach him).  All I'm saying is that I'm betting that dark and gritty surroundings and villains won't fundamentally change Superman's character in the slightest.  If I'm proven wrong when the movie comes out, feel free to rub it in my sarcastic blue face. ;)

Wiseguy 12/12/2012 5:35:36 PM

They did that shit in Superman 2 laz

And no it wouldn't work, you can only kill Lois once, except for the first Superman :) but your argument it's just silly. Sooner or later you have to fight or live in bondage.

thezillaman 12/12/2012 5:35:51 PM

i was kind hoping Nathan Fillian would be better as marvels Giant-Man, he just has that look. he would have to work out hard on that double chin and gut, lol. Arnie Hammer too he's not a bad actor, i don't get why people got on the hate wagon when it first came out he's playing the lone ranger.. people as always quick to judge, and now most are like o.k he's cool, WTF? .. now back to JLA we need to have hawkman, too, and THE FLASH needs to be done just right his powers are no joke the film ind. has the tech now to bring life and do it good and  able to capture just how bad FLASH is, ..thing is what person do we see as playing the FLASH, ?

ElBaz13 12/12/2012 5:40:16 PM

Sorry Hanso. A lot of us fanboys here grew up with Super Friends, Batman and Superman cartoons, Justice League and don't forget the Super Powers toy line.

Batman is in the same universe as Superman and Wonder Woman. If DC/WB is going to keep promoting these characters together (ex: Lego Batman 2) or with various toylines/clothes, theme parks, etc... then should all be together in a cinematic universe. Having seperate trilogies, although can still be done, is not as good as having an all-star extravaganza which will earn a crapload of money.

As Lazarus said, this studio owns all of these characters and can't do shit with them.

As for Cavill. I remember reading an old Wizard recently from 2002 or 2003 about the rumoured casting of the Superman Returns movie. Did you know Cavill was one of the top 5 candidates? This was after just a few movies (a small bit in Count of Monte Cristo). So I will go out on a limb and say Armie Hammer will be Bruce Wayne Batman for the DCU Bats. He was rumoured a few years ago for the George Miller JL movie. Now that he is more known and no problem playing a masked comicbook character (Lone Ranger), I could see DC go back to the idea of casting him.

Again, as I said in my first post. A kick ass JL movie will push Marvel to do better. And to do better, they might even consider finding a way of getting all of their a-listers from the other studios.

Higgy 12/12/2012 5:46:42 PM

Well I hope I eat my words about me not liking anything Snyder has done, cause that trailer was awesome.  And I even thought Cavill looked really good as Superman.  I think they casted this movie perfectly.

I love the part where his mom is talking to him.  I'm guessing his super hearing just turned itself on and he can't cope with all the noise and voices he can hear, so his mom is helping him learn how to tune everything out.

This looks great.  I hope this movie rocks.  2013 looks like it's going to be a great summer movie season.

thezillaman 12/12/2012 5:50:23 PM

@wise, yup they did that with Lois, and sooner or later supeman has to fight to survive or die and know that in war there is always casualties people will die man of steel can't save everyone and that's how i see this going down like that .

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