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theduck1980 12/14/2012 2:18:32 AM

Pff, page 15, no ones listening... but anyway. 

@goldeneyez - I thought his take off reminded me of Goku from Dragonball z rather than neo/matrix. 

In dragonball, Goku is also an oprhaned alien posessing a natural strength far beyond humans.  In dragonball they try to give his abilities a good explanation.  i.e. Chi... & lots of it.  You could apply a lot of that fictional theory to superman... including the disturbance around him as he gathers his 'chi?' for flight.

Similarities don't end there... zod & vegeta.  The dragonball movie was one of the biggest movie going disappointments I can think of, so much potential totally pissed away... but it looks like I may see some of what I envisioned in a live action dragonball movie from my personal fav instead, big blue :)


Wiseguy 12/14/2012 3:00:34 PM

I heard you theduck ;)

theduck1980 12/14/2012 5:37:42 PM

haha, thanks wise!

thezillaman 12/16/2012 11:11:59 PM

 @best, i don't care bout you so i can't hate you, it's only the first trailer, and some times it's best to not give away too much than to give you or show you all the cool parts . if you think you need to see another trailer to convince you that man of steel will turn out good then guess your gonna wait in line like all of us are. though most of us here are sold on just this trailer and most of us have faith and belive this will be a good movie, why because we are fans and will turn out to support this film like it diserves to. i also like the marvel movies some anyway, marvel has had hits and misses also, but i still support them because i would like them to keep making them. if i was rude or mean i don't really give a fuck, . and if you do or don't go watch it like i said i don't give a s.h.i.t, your money, your time do as you wish. 

UltimateTypeface 12/17/2012 12:18:38 AM

Wow i havent been on here for a while and looks like i missed this thread. Getting pretty nasty - I like it!

Im a Marvel fanboy and a DC hater.(although I did think TDK was awesome)

But I like this take on Supes - obviously a more realistic look at an alien with amazing powers, but it isnt him that is Dark and Gloomy its the World around him. He actually shines in some scenes!

His Pa is just trying to protect him from being disected by the Govenment or to be used as a weapon.

I think he will use his powers to shine a light into peoples dark and sad Nolanite lives.

Maybe it will be crap tho - we are a hard crowd to please.

Finally I think it is normal for people to choose a side, cheer it on thru good and bad and boo its competitors - in a freindly rivial sort of way. The Marvel vs DC rivallry has been going on for more than 50 years and each company has had its ups and downs.

Marvel is on top right now - YAY! but DC will be back one day....BOO!

Viva la difference!



vitieddie 12/17/2012 5:51:28 AM

 @TypeFace ... as a DC fan - not too sure about your last statement ... DC movies might go the way of T-Rex 

Wiseguy 12/17/2012 8:16:11 AM

viti are you a DC fan or not? Dude you're way too negative on their prospects. I love both although I'm more Marvel for sure and I see DC making a big impact in the years to come as they prepare to exploit their characters finally. I think that much we can Marvel for and forcing DC to stop dragging their feet

vitieddie 12/17/2012 6:24:38 PM

There just does not seem to be any investment ... no big talent attached or announcements etc .... anyway - onward and upward, supes!

jonniej1017 12/18/2012 3:22:17 PM

No one will ever fill that suit or look more like Superman than Christopher reeve!!! This kid is good, but hes too small

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