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phantomman 4/21/2013 6:23:45 PM

@freestrike - it's not ridiculous.  One can reasonably gather from the trailers that a big part of the story is that mankind as a whole would be frightened/threatened by Superman's power and also what he would be capable of because of it.  Watch the last two trailers and you'll see.  That fear would be a very reasonable fear to have.  Especially with Zod and his followers appearing and doing exactly what governments would be afraid of Superman doing.  Therefore, being the humble character that he is, Superman voluntarily submits himself to the authorities to help build trust from them.  Those cuffs can't hold him, he is simply choosing to allow himself to be arrested.  I'm quite sure they will articulate all of this much better in the movie than the way I have explained it.

Btw, I seem to remember seeing in a documentary that Marvel and DC actually do not have any animosity toward each other.  It's a very friendly competition.  It's the fan boys that have that fanatical loyalty.  Avengers is awesome, therefore Batman sucks.  Completely preposterous.  There is plenty of room to love both.  I love Spiderman and Avengers just like I love Batman Superman and Justice League.  DC just happens to be my preference.  I only really have an issue with bad writing.  The shallow/cheeseball love aspect in Thor was atrocious in my opinion.  Just an example.

Shogunn2517 4/22/2013 9:46:51 AM

 Phantom, you explained it perfectly.  Superman is the character that submits and serves authority. Batman is the one that resist and creates his own authority.  Superman is willing to follow authority like him not automatically whupping a President Lex Luthor, despite him knowing better.  Like Superman serving a authoritarian President fighting Batman is The Dark Knight Returns, despite him being a "good guy".

Lazarus, even you know this when you saw the last episodes of season one of Justice League Unlimited, where he convinces the rest of the Justice League to turn themselves in when the Luthor-controlled Watchtower nuked a town.  Everyone except Batman(who thought it was the dumbest idea ever).  Again, he resist authority.

axia777 4/24/2013 4:57:55 PM

 Now this is good news!  Zack Snyder Hinted as Justice League Helmer

caredskinfan 5/1/2013 10:48:44 PM

 Just from the trailer, this looks like it could be the greatest superhero movie to date! I'm liking the struggle aspect of being who he is and living among humans and what he will do with it. Looks epic!!


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