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'Man of Steel' Rumor - Stamp to return as Zod?

By Rob M. Worley     October 12, 2007
Source: www.aintitcool.com

Ain't it cool news is reporting a rumor from an "untested source" so handle with caution:This source is allegedly on the set of Bryan Singer's 'Valkyrie' and says that Singer has been lobbying hard with Terrence Stamp to reprise his classic villain role of General Zod in the next Superman movie 'The Man of Steel'.This news is likely to delight many fans, as Stamp's Zod is such an indelible cinematic character. On the other hand, those frustrated on Singer's insistence of adapting Richard Donner's movies and refusal to adapt new material from the comics...those folks will likely remain frustrated.Of course, AICN admits the story may be "BS", so it could be premature to get excited one way or another!


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