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DarthBob 6/11/2013 4:37:00 AM

I hope LL is not the primary villain for a sequel.  It's time to move on from the usual suspects; bring on Braniac, Doomsday, Metallo, Parasite and/or Bizarro.

DarthBob 6/11/2013 4:39:58 AM

Also, why is it always DC vs. Marvel with some of you a$$hats?  I'm for a good movie regardless of who makes it; TDKR and IM3 didn't deliver so I'm hoping that MOS does.

dalgoda 6/11/2013 5:21:48 AM

This is good news....hopefully followed by an announcement of a Flash movie!

vitieddie 6/11/2013 5:34:24 AM

Yea - Flash movie (that is witty and lighter in tone) and a stylish, less-CGI Green Arrow movie ...

Eldogg42 6/11/2013 5:46:44 AM

Hate to jump in on the DC vs Marvel thing, but the movie hasn't even come out yet.  DC is still way behind.  But, that being said, I am really looking forward to a real @ss kicking superman!!

I think you have to bring in Luther, but not as the villian, more of a support character.  Someone who, in the last movie you realized that he orchastrated the whole thing.  But as for main villian, keep with the power, use a Metallo, Parasite or some combo of these characters and save Doomsday for the third movie (with a death) that leads to JLA vs Darkseid

ElBaz13 6/11/2013 6:06:06 AM

If they bring back Luthor, please change the character to more of an intelligent and very charismatic leader.

The Gene Hackman/Kevin Spacey one was too much of a loon/comic relief obsessed with real estate.


monkeyfoot 6/11/2013 6:16:50 AM




The Toyman!!!

gmoney6454 6/11/2013 7:08:02 AM

 Braniac for a sequel. Spindle in a little Metallo and Lex in a man behind the scene manipulating things. JLA would need a big character like Darkseid and some New Gods, not all of them of course. Need to keep it fresh and spivey cannot slip up and get weak. Multiple tragedies going on in space and on Earth like Atlantis would be so cool!!

nemesis1_57 6/11/2013 7:20:29 AM

I really hope Brainiac is the villian in MOS 2 and they complete it with Darlseid  in MOS 3. We need to see that fight.

FrozenFear 6/11/2013 8:16:38 AM

I vote for the next villian to be Mister Mxyzptlk, played by Miley Cyrus.

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