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DarthBob 5/2/2013 7:58:42 AM

Meh, didn't do much for me.

millean 5/2/2013 8:19:21 AM

Looking forward to this almost as much as I like DarthBob's avatar...

Daybreak0100 5/2/2013 8:39:05 AM

I haven't been this excited for a movie in years. I'm glad that a more serious curve is going forward to a lot of these new films. Nolan and Snyder for the win. 

Higgy 5/2/2013 10:36:14 AM

Not watching anymore...not watching anymore...

almostunbiased 5/2/2013 1:02:58 PM

DARTH BOB, WHO IS THAT AVATAR YOU HAVE????  HOLY CRAP SHE'S HOT>  Higgy you have lucy pinder, who might be the sexiest thing on this earth.  Oh and yea I can't wait to see this movie.

violator14 5/2/2013 1:24:10 PM

 question: how do u fix Superman's teeth?

Lex0807 5/2/2013 3:00:20 PM

 Nice to see Perry White, when do we get to see Clark Kent? And I am not referring to the teenage Man of Steel...

Wiseguy 5/2/2013 9:55:09 PM

 I don't need to see anything else for this film, my expectations and excitement for it are high enough.

slickgator 5/3/2013 12:28:48 AM

This movie with Zach Snyder directing and Christopher Nolan producing will be will be one of the top three grossing movies of this year after Iron Man 3 and Hangover, Part III!



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