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VTGamehendge 5/6/2013 11:53:50 PM

Call me crazy if you want, but I'm one of those weirdos who actually kind of enjoys "spoilers" and seeing these trailers and spots ahead of time.  I guess to each his own, but it really doesn't ruin anything for me.  For me it's still a treat to sit there in front of the screen and see the entire thing put together.  It's almost like reading a book and then going to see it as a movie.  Or getting enticed and then finally seeing it for myself.    I've been checking out all sorts of spoilers online for this and IM3 and others and it honestly just gets me even more stoked.  I do it for just about every movie that I get really excited for and it hasn't made any of them any less enjoyable.  But like I said, to each his own.

DarthBob 5/7/2013 4:47:33 AM

I wasn't expecting to say this, but based on what I have seen so far I believe MOS will be better than IM3.  It looks like someone is going to finally let Supes kick some of dat a$$.  He's a boy scout and all but can still knock your block off when he needs to.  I still would like to see Supes and Bats team up to take on Braniac then put the JL band together to take on Darkseid.

Wiseguy 5/7/2013 8:48:28 AM

Ha VTG I just finished writing a similar comment and that I believe reading the spoilers for IM3 a week or so ahead of time may have actually helped me embrace and accept the twist and probably why I wasn't upset at all.

As big a Marvel fan as I am I've been saying all along I am more amped up for MOS than IM3 to be honest. I love all Snyder films. With Goyer and Nolan behind the script and Snyder adding his visuals and his feel for action I've no doubt this will be amazing

JackTChance 5/7/2013 9:44:25 AM

 I began collecting Superman comics in 1988 with the epic John Byrne Man of Steel revamp and collected them straight on through until "The New 52" crap happened.  I have to say, I haven't been this exited for Superman since The Death of Superman books, which was 1992?  Been so long I can't remember.  Anyhow, the trailers look great!!


The extended trailer where Jonathon Kent reveals to young Clark that he is from another world and Clark says" Can't I keep pretending I'm your son" and Pa Kent starts to choke up and says "You are my son" almost brings a tear to my eye.  

Not only will this movie have a great story, great acting, great effects...but its going to have heart!  And it will remind us how important Superman really is to pop culture and the superhero industry!  


violator14 5/7/2013 10:58:38 AM

 Wise- we on the same page bro. I think u and i have predicted this would be the best movie of the summer ever since we found out Zack Snyder and Nolan would be making this ish. Only a lil over a month away baby!

muensterjohnson 5/7/2013 1:25:36 PM

Have a feeling this movie is either going to be brilliant or it's going to a total let-down.

OmegaDean 5/7/2013 7:01:51 PM

This movie is going to totally bomb or totally blow us away. I think Man of Steel is the film of the Summer personally. This movie should be epic. I want it to be epic... especially being a Marvel man myself. I really want DC to hit a home run. I want to be as engrossed as an adult as I was with Chris Reeves when I was a kid. Please make belive a Man can Fly again

wessmith1966 5/7/2013 7:26:24 PM

 Wiseguy...I'm a huge Marvel junkie myself and think MOS is going to blow IM3 (which I found fun but not exactly a revelation) out of the water. I don't know if it's going to make as much money because IM's got a solid brand and is riding high on Avenger's wake, but I expect it's finally going to be the Superman movie I've been waiting 20 years for. The original will always be the best for me because I saw it when I was a kid, but MOS looks like it's going to be amazing.

freestrike 5/7/2013 7:51:30 PM

The Plot: A child sent to earth from a dying planet is adopted by an evil couple in rural Kansas who advise him to watch other children die rather than revealing his incredible powers which encourages him to put the entire planet in danger rather than leaving with General Zod as he requests!

ActionMovieGod 5/8/2013 4:52:32 PM

This will be the best Superman movie mark my words....

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