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MANGA Yanked from Library Shelves

By News Editor     April 14, 2006

"Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics" by Paul Gravett.
© Laurence King Publishing
The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of suburban San Bernadino County, California, has ordered the county's libraries to remove Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics from circulation. He called the book "obscene comics" and also stated the "book is absolutely inappropriate for a public library and as soon as I was made aware of it yesterday, I ordered it to be removed immediately."

Problems arose after a 16-year-old checked out the book and then teen's mother complained.

The County Library Collection Development Coordinator said in defense of the book, "It is the parents' responsibility since the library does not act as a parent. It is the library's responsibility to offer a broad spectrum of materials, not to exclude materials... Library policy affirms the American Library Association's Library Bill of rights, Freedom to Read, and Freedom to View statements."

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mckracken 4/14/2006 2:39:07 AM
welcome to the wonderful world of CENSORSHIP! yup thats right... lets burn this one because one MOTHER complained. (awww...poor baby, your son saw boobs for the very first time? Gee) (note theres NO sympathy from me) Hey at least the kid GOES to a library!!! thats a start in the right direction. get my Soviet flag, baby seeing as how we're loosing our RIGHTS every day. the Chairman should have just told the Mother to kiss off. LOL! CENSORSHIP IS WRONG....MANGA ARTISTS AGAINST STUPID WHINING MOTHERS UNITE!!! I guess we're back to burning all the Mark Twain books because of the dreaded "N" word? Good Job SAN BERNADINO COUNTY! Your head is inside your collective ASS! (stupid people)
lamor2k 4/14/2006 6:46:28 AM
I just wrote an email to this guy, made references both to the first amendment and to "John D. Ashcroft, Attorney General, et al, Petitioners v. The Free Speech Coalition et al."
lracors 4/14/2006 7:46:06 AM
What an ass! Lamor2k what's the guy's e-mail?
fft5305 4/14/2006 8:50:02 AM
Perhaps the mother should be pissed off not that the library carried that book, but that the library allowed her son to check out a book from the adult section. Or, if there is a restriction available to prevent that, she should be pissed at herself for allowing her son to check out adult materials. Or, she should be pissed off at her son for attempting to check out adult materials. Maybe it is her fault for not teaching him better. Aye caramba...
valthonis 4/14/2006 11:58:48 AM
God how stupid can people be? Manga has been in SCHOOL Libraries in my state for years now. They want to pull it because some twat bitched. Christ. Grow some balls people. Limit the people who check them out by age restrictions, *Library cards dinks.* and try not to rape the constitution anymore. Retards!
ambika 4/14/2006 2:55:18 PM
Shall we take Mark Twain off the shelves as well. This is insane! People are just pissing on the Bill of Rights.
coldhardtruth 4/14/2006 3:20:59 PM
It's the mother's fault, she should learn to take some personal responsibility. That being said, there are plenty of things that are well and good that don't have to be (or should not be) bought and paid for by my taxes. Porn for nerds is one of them. This is not an issue of rights, this is an issue of someone (the Chairman) taking a stand. The people opposed to this decision should also take a stand if they feel so compelled. If you think he's fascist, try to get him to reconsider or try to get him fired.
mckracken 4/14/2006 6:06:52 PM
60 years of Manga DOENT BELONG in the Adults section. For pets sake, the damn kid is 16, let him become that responsible adult and stop coddling him like an infant... I'm sure its only because of the nudity or perhaps (GASP!) theres a section on Hentai? (which in my opinion should have its own book called "HENTAI: 40 years of smutty dirty shameless anime" still, its rediculous to remove this book from the public view or place it in the Adult section at all. Best course of action is to tell the mother to "F**K off." go San BERNADINO COUNTY... GO! YAY!
mckracken 4/14/2006 6:10:29 PM
I'm all for underage mindless highschoolers taking a... ahem... "LIFE DRAWING COURSE" of course it'll never happen, and our highschool artists will grow up mimmicking ROB LIEFIELD's STYLE (sigh)... nude models are only found in college campuses... sigh... a shame really...
coldhardtruth 4/15/2006 9:01:28 AM
You can blame the idiots at the FCC for that, raithen.
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