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Mania Anime and Manga Reviews for 12/12/2008

By Chris Beveridge     December 12, 2008

Naruto: The Broken Bond (Xbox 360)
© Naruto: The Broken Bond

Better late than never after dealing with an ice storm, but we've got a look at some new anime and manga reviews today here from Mania!

On the anime side, the Geneon Entertainment release of Karin comes to a close with Karin Vol. #6 which came out just before Thanksgiving on 11/25/2008. This was certainly something fans were thankful for considering it looked like the series may never see completion.

On the printed matter side of the world, Patricia is taking a look at the July 2008 release of Goong Vol. #2 by Park SoHee from Yen Press, which is getting good marks from here. Nadia is looking at a July 2008 release as well, this one from TOKYOPOP, with their OEL book Mysterians Vol. #1 by Jay Antani and Matt Hentschel.

We're also delving into the games realm a little bit today for the manga and anime fans of Naruto as Briana has a look at the November 2008 release of Naruto: The Broken Bond for the Xbox 360.


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