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Mania Anime and Manga Reviews for 12/15/2008

By Chris Beveridge     December 15, 2008

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Monday rolls around and it's time to look at a variety of anime and manga reviews here at Mania. There's a whole lot of material continuing to come out, particularly during this busy fourth quarter period, and we've got a look at two new DVD releases and a pair of manga releases that may tickle your fancy.

On the DVD side, Chris is looking at the Sasami Season 2 Collection that was released on 11/25/2008 from FUNimation. This collection brings to a close the latest incarnation of the series that was spawned from the Tenchi Muyo! franchise which both Geneon Entertainment and FUNimation have released versions of. From the UK, Christopher is checking in with a new review for a show that hasn't made it over here quite as far with the 11/03/2008 release of MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance Vol. #3 from Manga Entertainment UK. The series was started off in the US by Viz Media but was yet another of their releases that was unceremoniously put on hiatus with no real hope of completion.

On the manga side of things, Greg is checking with a positively glowing review of Solanin, an October 2008 release from Viz Media by Inio Asano. Robert's also checking in with a piece of catch-up material today with a look at the April 2008 release of Wallflower Vol. #15 by Tomoko Hayakawa from Del Rey Manga.


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