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Mania Anime and Manga Reviews for 12/24/2008

By Chris Beveridge     December 24, 2008

Switch Vol.#02
© Viz Media

With all good anime fans getting ready for the big day tomorrow, we've got a few things to tide you over with what could potentially be under that tree. Some are obviously bigger than others however!

First up, Chris has managed to make his way through the forty episode set that came in from AnimEigo in the middle of November with their release of the old school fan favorite Yawara Season 1 Collection. This is one of those series that simply takes a whole lot of time to work through and digest, but it's a wonderful meal. For something a bit smaller, Bryce is checking in today as well with a look at the 11/18/2008 release of Bleach Vol. #13 from Viz Media, which continues to trickle out in teasing tastes for its fans.

In the manga world, Patricia is doubling up on us today with a look at a pair of different titles. First, she's looking into the past a little bit to take a look at the July 2007 release of Togari Vol. #1 by Yoshinori Natsume from Viz Media and gives it a very high rating. Patricia's also taking a gander at another Viz Media book with their May 2008 release of Switch Vol. #2 by Saki Otoh and Nakamura Tomomi.


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