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Mania Anime and Manga Reviews for 12/31/2008

By Chris Beveridge     December 31, 2008

Hunter X Hunter Box Set 1
© Viz Media

It's the last day of the year and in a way we're going back in time instead of forward wit a couple of reviews as we're looking at shows from the eighties and nineties! Now that's how to close out 2008!

On the DVD side, Chris is doing a double header today with reviews to bring the day to an end. First, he's got a look at the 11/25/2008 release of Guy: Double Target from the Happy Carrot label of ADV Films. This title has been long requested to finally make the leap from VHS to DVD and it finally did some eleven years into the format. Another older show has also made it onto DVD recently as we take a look at the 12/09/2008 release of the Hunter X Hunter Set 1 from Viz Media which brings out the first fifteen episodes of this Shonen Jump series.

From the manga world comes a pair of different titles to peruse. Danielle has stepped in today to take a look at the September 2008 release of Kabuki Vol. #1 by Yukari Hashida from Digital Manga Publishing. Greg is also looking at a September 2008 release with the title Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Vol. #7 by X from Dark Horse.

We'll be back in 2009 with a whole lot more anime and manga reviews as well! Happy New Year everyone!


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