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Comic Con 2013

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Mania Announces an SDCC Convention Exclusive from Entertainment Earth!

A 2013 Comic Con Exclsuive!

By Tim Janson     June 25, 2013
Source: Entertainment Earth

Mania is proud to partner with Entertainment Earth to announce their latest SDCC exclusive collectible.  From the intriguing The Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough at Last," this marvelous replica includes a stack of Henry Bemis' precious books and his signature glasses with black frames and thick, clear lenses! Also included is removable/reusable film that can be placed over the lenses to resemble Henry’s cracked glasses, as seen in the end of the episode. The full-color book stack opens at the top to serve as a storage box.  The full-color book stack measures about 9-inches wide x 7-inches deep x 4-inches tall.  The exclusive will be available for pre-order before SDCC and will ship out after SDCC. It will be first sold at SDCC at a price of $100.
Check out the full details and pre-order this exclusive on Entertainment Earth here.

The Twilight Zone Merchandise from Entertainment Earth



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VermithraxPejorative 6/25/2013 12:14:26 PM

One of my all-time favorite TZ Episodes!

HomestarRunner 6/25/2013 1:29:10 PM

I love this story...but I can't see myself spending $100 on replica eyewear.

CalamityJohnson 6/25/2013 1:31:49 PM

i miss this kind of programming. we need a series that delves into the weird without getting formulaic.

millean 6/25/2013 5:59:30 PM

 I'm actually going to the SDCC this year, whoo hoo!

I might would have actually tried and get this if I didn't hate the Twilight Zone.  (That's right, I said it - TZ has never been my cup o' tea).


blankczech 6/25/2013 8:00:53 PM

 millean...we're all entitled to our opinions and I respect your's.  I thought Twilight Zone was freakin amazing.   

thezillaman 6/25/2013 8:53:07 PM

 Millean, What????? dude that show set the bar so high for thrillers chillers and mind blowing topics even horror.  but that's cool there are things I don't like also like IM3'''   :  )

millean 6/26/2013 7:24:09 AM

 Yeah, I know.  It did a lot for sci-fi etc, and I appreciate it for its contributions.  However, I just never got into it.  There are not many properties I can say about this anymore, but maybe it was simply before my time so I never really appreciated it.

Just like Lord of the Rings, this seems to be the kind of thing that should go right in my wheelhouse.  I just never took to it for one reason or another.

HomestarRunner 6/26/2013 11:53:28 AM

It feels good to be in a place where someone can say "Hey, I don't like this" without

(A) trashing those who do and

(B) being trashed BY those who do.

Davewriter 6/26/2013 4:24:48 PM

My wife's  daughter came for a visit from China.  I proudly showed her some TZ (a July 4 marithon) not only was she not interested... she even asked why they could not come up with a good idea for a TV show.

She barely got out of the house alive!

HomestarRunner 6/27/2013 11:30:49 AM

Davewriter - Did you try to wish her into the cornfield?



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