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theduck1980 5/6/2012 11:27:46 PM

I'm happy to say I am one of the many who has & will contribute with my second trip to see Avengers last night.(2d this time, just as good!)

But I want to echo those who hope the guys at DC/WB are paying attention,  Let's do this already!  I want to see something from batman slipped into this next superman movie!!

theduck1980 5/6/2012 11:32:59 PM

It's a shame though,  errors have already been made with regards to a JL movie IMO.  Green lantern... shoulda been done better & ryan renolds should have been saved for the flash.  Michael Jai White would have been a better choice for the black green lantern.  & I don't know that Nolands view of Batman would be compatible with a JL movie??

Wiseguy 5/6/2012 11:39:01 PM

Once Nolan's trilogy wraps up this summer it'll be a new game. Hopefully WB will reveal their plans wether they plan something similar to Marvel or just a straight up JL or some other team up film or continue with their stand alone solo franchises

jarga28 5/7/2012 12:34:38 AM

Truly awesome (Ned Flanders girl scream) happy for the success for Joss, Marvel, the actors, and really really happy for us fans of not just of comics but fans of just really great movies in general. Talk about busting out the whoppin stick on the box office and this is the first movie of 2012 summer season just... I'm so glad. I just don't want DC to panic and do a rushed job to do JLA it would be a disservace but I want DC to succeed too I love their characters just much as Marvel's.  But still what a great time to be alive and watching all these comic book franchises come to life on the big screen and being bad ass.(Well most of em anyway). 

hanso 5/7/2012 3:10:03 AM

So, does anyone think a sequel is happening?  From the numbers, I can't tell.

xenomorph 5/7/2012 3:14:05 AM


I love Joss Whedon, but he has a bad habbit of killing of characters that I like. Seeing Agent Coulson die nearly made me cry.

DarthBob 5/7/2012 4:29:50 AM

One question for you all, what the deal with the bit part for Harry Dean Stanton?  Why have an actor of his caliber portray a security guard?  Could he be Uatu the watcher?  Thoughts?

o803oVaDeR 5/7/2012 4:43:37 AM

@Samanon, I was under the impression the Hulk was under Loki's control, so to speak, the first time we see him in the Hellicarrier.  Banner does a pretty good job controling him at the end of the Increadible Hulk Movie, and that happened in cinematic continuity, over a year ago.  So, I think he has a pretty good handle on controling the Hulk by now.  The spear was messing with all of there minds right before the Hulk was unleashed, so I just assumed it was Loki simi controling Hulk, even before I saw how he was at the end of the film.

vitieddie 5/7/2012 4:52:19 AM

@Vader ... i agree with you but it wasn't that clear during the course of the movie ... prob catch up on it on blu ray :)

@Kaziklu ... same issue here ... left eye is stronger and have to wear 3D glasses over my own glasses since i dont like contacts ... so prefer 2D movies

@WIse ... haha - as i posted in another trend i just support the under dog ... DC has always been the smaller company (in the comics industry) ... Warner (small) vs Disney (huge) ... hopefully DC gets its act together (seriously, are they asleep in there? can someone in the US knock on their door please?)


Dazzler 5/7/2012 5:02:27 AM

I think at the end of Hulk 2, Norton was showing more control of the Hulk.  I was glad Hulk did get a step up in intelligence.  I wanted more Hulk and I think he will do well for a Hulk solo movie but they need to increase Hulk's int even more like in the comics.  

I wish they used the cube like in the comics however.  The cube is supposed to transform thought to reality.  And Loki should have created the Absorbing man and wrecking crew to help him out. 

The alien race did not suck as much as I thought they would for not using an estabishing Marvel race, and the reveal for the next possible movie at the end shows a bigging threat with you know who without spoiling it.

Previews as usual shows you what the movie is for the most part, hate when they do that. 

I did think it was a great movie but they should have used a story from the comics.  They loosely based it off them teaming up against Loki which of course was the 1st Avengers comic. 

They gave enough time for every character to do their thing so that was impressive. 

Lots of great one liners also, so this could be a great quotable movie which is important for memorizing this movie. 

I would also say this is one I will see again in the theaters also before it leaves, as well as buy the blu ray.  It's a great start and Spider-man and Batman are going to have to be great stand outs to beat Avengers, but I doubt it.  



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