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mellowdoux 5/28/2012 10:38:16 AM

 What's a "Big Bobbie" horrorfest? A horror movie with a large man named Robert?

dalgoda 5/28/2012 11:47:28 AM

We went to see Avengers again on Saturday and John Carter at the dollar theater on Sunday and both were packed.  Summer is officially here at the theaters in our area as school let out this past Thursday.  I'm ready for Prometheus next!

DarthoftheDead 5/28/2012 12:27:26 PM

Naw...cmon....really? I expected Snow white and the Huntsmen to beat Avengers, that looks awesome, but M.I.B. 3? Dang!!!

wessmith1966 5/28/2012 1:53:34 PM

Marigold Hotel was excellent. Great character film filled with exceptional British actors.

MIB3 was fun; exactly what I expected. Can someone please tell me what is so special about this Pitbull guy? His music is shit. Is he supposed to be cool? Maybe I'm just getting old but sheesh he stinks.

Looking forward to Snow White this weekend and we're definitely checking out Piranha. It's going to be a stupid movie but my girl thinks it's going to be funny. Saw Avengers for the 5th time. I can't get enough of it; a great film. I don't think TDKR will come close to Avengers numbers. I saw the new Spiderman trailer this weekend and I now want to see the film. I was kind of iffy about it before. the trailes for TDKR has done nothing for me. I expect a good movie, but nothing that's going to knock my socks off.

Betenoire 5/28/2012 3:57:17 PM

 Adding to what redvector said, there are reports that Smith and some of the producers of the film have deals structured where they get percentages of the take so MiB may have a long, long road to go just to get to "break even" when it comes time for the studio to talley up the returns and contemplate a sequel. Given the troubles this film went through with incomplete scripts and (rumored) series additional costs taked on one may be more likely to see one of the urban legends the film is based off than a fourth picture in the franchise.

vitieddie 5/28/2012 4:01:40 PM

@wise ... I'll stop talking about 3D and ticket prices once people stop acting all gaga over the Avengers numbers ... It was always going to be huge and rightly so ... I laugh when I hear comments like "Wow I had my doubts it would catch TDK" ... Of course it was going to ... stop playing like it was some sort of underdog

But catching Harry (worldwide) was indeed impressive ... doubt it will catch Titanic though

Also, I still rate spider man behind TDKR ... talking about things we have seen before, the trailers for spidey dont show any action/effects that hasn't been done in Raimi's trilogy

Wyldstaar 5/28/2012 4:09:45 PM

GothicStorm- The number of theatres is not the same as the number of screens.  If a theater is showing a movie on two 2D screens and two 3D screens, they are all counted separately. 

Wiseguy 5/28/2012 5:17:43 PM

That is some bs hindsight revisionism vitieddie. Outside of the fanboy community no one really knew how well this film would do and catching TDK was never assured.

It was only as the film was almost at hand and actual tikets and shows sold out were being reported that the estimates started skyrocketing. And even then that was only for the opening weekend, no one knew how it would hold.

The fact is that if the film had done only about 6 to 700mil worldwide most would be happy. But once it opened all expectations kept rising as the numbers kept coming. Same exact thing that happened with TDK once it broke the record and kept going back in '08

dalgoda 5/28/2012 7:07:15 PM

Yeah, a lot of people expected Avengers to be a hit, but several on here (*cough CrazyCEO cough*) didn't expect it to hit $500 million domestically.  

vitieddie 5/28/2012 7:46:36 PM

But I assumed all posters here were fanboys? Else - yes then some of the posts are genuine when they say they were not expecting it to be big.

Speaking for myself (and you can search my comments) I expected it to be huge from the beginning and was thinking it could catch Avatar. Of course there were thoughts like "what if its not good" but no real doubts. I can also say I was surprised when TDK did so well in 2008; I expected similar numbers to Iron Man but it did really well.

Anyway, if TDKR fails to make a lot of dough - you are welcome to roast me on an open fire.

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