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Mania Box Office Report: Avengers Sinks Battleship

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Mania Box Office Report: Avengers Sinks Battleship

Not a big surprise

By Robert T. Trate     May 21, 2012
Source: Box Office Mojo

Does anyone know anybody that actually went and saw Battleship? I know three people. Yes, it might seem hard to believe but I know three people who actually saw Battleship. Rob Vaux, well he had to, as he had to review it. I also met two little boys this weekend, Justin and Hunter, who saw it and they loved it. They both thought it was really “cool”. So if Hasbro’s audience was a five and six year old then they truly are the box office champions for this weekend. 

In all seriousness, I had two thoughts for the Box Office Report this week. The first is that despite Hasbro co-producing Battleship with Universal Studios they are still selling a lot of Avengers toys. So their bottom line isn’t going to be all that bad. Plus it got kids hearing of this thing called a bored game again. Will they put aside there Wiis, XBox 360s and PS3s? Maybe for a day or two. What I really wanted to ask you is something that our own Rob Vaux brought up in his review of Battleship.
Remember when they first announced the creation of a movie based on a board game and the filmgoing public tried with all its might to convince the powers that be that it was a really really bad idea? We should have tried harder. We should have hopped off those trams at Universal Studios, stormed the Hasbro bungalow (with its convenient Mr. Potato Head statue for easy identification), shaken the decision makers by their $2,000 coat lapels, and screamed “If you make this movie we will hunt you for sport!” Maybe if we had done that we could have prevented this… thing from seeing the inside of movie theaters.” - Rob Vaux,

It reminded me of an idea I had for Gus Van Sant’s Psycho remake. The very idea of that remake made me ill. I wanted to go to my local movie theater and protest the idea. Yeah, the whole sign on a stick and everything. Internet bitching and complaining carries very little weight. Imagine someone or a group of someones standing outside of a theater and protesting the likes of Battleship. Why? Because we want more from the studios. We all knew this was a shitty idea from the get go but why did everyone with the power think, yeah Battleship, like in the board game; here is $200,000,000. Perhaps it is not too late, perhaps a sit in or a protest for the next universally bad movie idea is necessary. Stay tuned Maniacs. This idea isn’t going to go away because the next Battleship is just out there, waiting. 

The Avengers
The Dictator
Dark Shadows
What to Expect When You’re Expecting
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
The Hunger Games
Think Like a Man
The Lucky One
The Pirates! Band of Misfits

This week there are two genre pics to choose from. The first is a sequel that practically nobody asked for and no one here at Mania seems to care about. Yes, I have been watching your comments and hits on the Men in Black III posts. The other has some potential in The Chernobyl Dairies. Tune into Mania this week for Rob Vaux’s review of both.   


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FilchX 5/21/2012 1:58:02 AM

 I saw Battleship last wednesday,(they were free screener passes) All I can say is that Its as Awful as the few people who have seen it says it is. Avengers Forever

Riddick316 5/21/2012 2:34:50 AM

 I liked Battleship, BUT  I really loved The Avengers!!!!  I just say, "Enjoy summer movies,some of them aren't great,but they're fun".  Bring on Dark Knight........and Riddick!!!!!!!!

Dazzler 5/21/2012 3:56:57 AM

I saw Battleship and no one in the movie said the line I am sure people were waiting for....

Every time I see Rhinna I always thought there she is the one that got beat up by Chris Brown.  He really should have seen jail time for that.  And Rhinna should have had him string up by his legal coat tails.

The only improvement I would have thought for this is that they should have fought other battleships.  This should have been a like ship to like ship combat with guessing on where to hit each other at. 

Too bad Dark Shadows is doing poorly here.  I guess overseas will probably help them break even.  I would not mind a sequel somehow. 

Well so far last year was better summer movies so far.  Avengers can't carry the whole summer.  Hopefully Spider-man and Batman won't dissappoint. 

hanso 5/21/2012 4:09:28 AM

 I saw Battleship too, while it ain't good it also ain't as bad as people making out to be.  I'm actually kind of surprised since the same folks hating give Transformers and GI Joe a pass.  It's all the same really, although I did enjoy Battleship more than than the other two Hasbro franchises.  Guess its good it ain't making money so Hollywood slows their roll on board game flicks.  



hanso 5/21/2012 4:17:37 AM

 Btw, is anyone else disturbed by the fact that Trate goes around meeting little boys during the weekend?  Not cool Trate, not cool.

Also, in case anyone is interested, Best Buy has a few movies for sale that come with movie cash.  Just saw flicks with movie cash for Prometheus and Men in Black.

Wiseguy 5/21/2012 4:27:27 AM

I enjoyed Battleship too. It's no better or worse than Transformers IMO which I also enjoyed and GI Joe too for that matter. The only difference being that the latter 2 have a huge following compared to a board game. It's just plain fun, and only fun, no more no less.

And Battleship has already made about 240mil worldwide, so even if it doesn't turn a profit it sure isn't screaming for Hollywood to stop trying. You gotta figure a better story, maybe one without the e.t.'s  and it may have turned into a decent hit.

Saw The Avengers again too, I still enjoyed it just as much as the first time. It's 4th all time now and needs about 148mil to pass 4 eyes, it should be close

May catch The Dictator but not sure later this week

I fully expect MIB3 to beat The Avengers next week. I'm not that excited for it but will see it.

Wyldstaar 5/21/2012 5:11:01 AM

 Rob, I know it says Universal at the beginning of The Avengers, but they aren't actually the studio behind the film.  Disney bought the distribution rights from them, but part of the deal was that the Universal logo remain on it.  

dalgoda 5/21/2012 6:23:10 AM

It's pretty much a certainty that Avengers ends up #3 in domestic and worldwide grosses.  I don't see any way it catches Titanic or Avatar though.  

RedHood2010 5/21/2012 6:58:47 AM

I will catch it on DVD.  Instead I went and saw The Avengers for the 3rd time.  It was about 1/2 full at the 9:30 p.m. showing and I enjoyed it as much as the 1st time.  Laughing at the same scenes. 

I agree that Battleship shouldn't be considered a CRAP movie.  It just had to follow the 2nd coming of entertainment.

redhairs99 5/21/2012 7:04:59 AM

 I'm interested enough in MiB3 to check it out.  I haven't been clammering/nervously excited to see it, but since it's coming, I'll give it a whirl.  I got the trailer in 3D Imax before Avengers a couple weeks ago.  That part where Will Smith leaps off the building and the camera goes all 1st POV is quite simply one of the best things I've ever seen in 3D.  On the Imax, it really gave you that sense as if you were falling/on a rollcoaster with  big drop, sort of feeling even though you were sitting still.  It's amazing what the brain can make you feel.

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