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InnerSanctum 8/26/2013 4:17:02 PM

 The Butler is a terrible film.  It's target market have now all seen the film, so I predict it will plummet next week.

InnerSanctum 8/26/2013 4:18:19 PM

 BTW, all the Gunn films from the Ice Cream Trilogy actually became bigger hits when they were released to DVD.  

ztigr 8/26/2013 5:29:24 PM

 Saw World's End, it had some good moments, some so so moments. 

Dazzler 8/27/2013 4:12:33 AM

Mortal instruments was forgetable.  Wait what movie did i see again? 

boxker 8/27/2013 9:20:43 AM


While I can appreciate your point about history, I'm sorry that's not how it's taught in school nor how it is focused in our society. In fact I would say there is a huge injustice on how history is relayed to us all. I'm not talking just African American history, but all history of all types.

To be honest, it difficult for me to comepletely assess your coments about The Butler since i haven't seen it. But I am interested in knowing why would you say you are being force fed Black History if that's apart of the movie. I didn't feel like I am being force fed Europe History when I watched the great tv show The Tudors, or Irish History when I watched Gangs of New York, or even Jewish/German history when watching The Schindler's List. If anything I'm always concerned about the accuracy of these endevors.

When you say this movie engenders guilt what are you saying exactly? Are you saying that any terrible event that happend in the past shold be minimized in some manner? Should movies just ignore that they happend or act like they weren't as bad as they were?

Being an African american myself, the only way I can relate to you on the guilt issue is the gender equality subject. I have to admit that sometimes when hear someone mention feminist or womens lib, I groan a bit, but then every now and then  I get hit with some startling fact and I realize that some of the things that woman have gone through haven't been brought to our attention enough.

My biggest example happened back in March of this year. I came across a picture of Susan B. Anthony laying on the ground being beaten by a cop for trying to vote. My first thought after seeing that, was back to the day before the presidential election in November of last year. While sitting in the lounge at work, two women were sitting next to me talking with each other about how stupid it was to vote. I wonder what they would think if they had seen that picture that I saw. Or watched a movie that portrayed the reality of woman's plight to vote. Yes, our history says the woman had to protest and demand the right to vote but rarely does it explain the magnatude of what it took for them to get that vote.

Another thought that comes to mind about your "guilt" satement pertains to the television drama The Tudors and other shows about that exist about the monarch. Now, as a person of strong faith; Christian to be exact, I can tell you, it's been quite embarrasing to see,in these shows, the heinous acts that these so called believers of God commited. However, I can't complain about these shows bringing such things to light. That is what happened. As much as I believe in my religion I don't think any of these shows should EVER sugarcoat it's place in history in any shape or form.

Now, I will grant you, there have been some movies and tv shows that have annoyed me because they've portrayed anyone of religion as fanatic or comepletly unreasonable. And yes,  I've seen shows where anyone white was inherently evil or justly supicious, so I am not saying that you can't be right. It just sound like you are saying, yeah yeah, we know it happend but quit bringing it up. 




karas1 8/31/2013 6:22:50 AM


The Butler wasn't just presenting history.  There was a definite spin.  It was saying "see how these poor, downtrodden black people have suffered under the heel of white opression."  None of the black characters were portrayed negatively and plenty of white characters were.  Even the son who joined the Black Panthers did so in order to donate food and clothes to the poor.  When the Panthers talked about maybe, sometime in the future, comitting violence, he broke up with his girlfriend (who was angrier and more comitted to the cause) and walked off into the night.

I've never liked Oprah Winfrey.  Her patronizing air of saintly goodness gets under my skin every time.  Perhaps that influenced my feelings about the movie.  But her character, an alchaholic and dumb as a stone housewife who cared more about potato salad recipies than the important events around her, and cheated on her husband because the poor man spent so much time at work to afford the nice life he provided for her, didn't impress me.  I doubt that any actress could make that character sympathetic for me.  But Oprah's vacuous stares and blubbering made my teeth ache.

I agree with you about woman's history.  I am a woman myself.  But I am no happier with over the top feminism than over the top anything else.  For most of the history of humankind women have been oppressed by men.  We've been treated as property, abused, beated and valued only for our ability to give birth to sons.  In places in the world that is still true today.  Even so, I don't feel that a man who treats me as an equal has to live down the history of relations between the sexes for all humankind.

As for the voting issue, I certainly appreciate the right to vote.  But it does sometimes seem pointless when all you have to vote for is one of two candidates, neither of which you'd want in office.  I really wish there was a "none of the above" button on the voting booth.  If we could reject all the candidates and make the parties start from scratch with their nominations it might give them a much needed reality check. 


VinJoy 9/1/2013 10:52:04 PM

At least you went and saw the movie Karas1. So there. Go see Kick-Ass people! What's wrong wit y'all?

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