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Mania Box Office Report: Dark Knight RISES

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Mania Box Office Report: Dark Knight RISES

Face Track to Avenger Town?

By Robert T. Trate     July 30, 2012
Source: Box Office Mojo

The box office totals are in and The Dark Knight Rises has beaten The Watch. Which should really come as no surprise. All eyes are on The Dark Knight Rises as the question now is: Can it topple The Avengers? The Avengers took home $543,000 this week on 373 screens and has made $616,027,000 so far. It stood fast on the 15th spot on the Box Office Top 20. Which means The Dark Knight Rises has to make triple what it has now (see below). If we give it the same amount time, 13 weeks, it might be able to come close. I personally believe it comes down to repeat viewing. I saw The Avengers the second weekend with no problem. As for The Dark Knight Rises I tried to see it again but it was too crowded, a good thing for the box office. The Avengers had no competition and the summer was just getting under way. The Dark Knight Rises has its dark cloud and back to school to compete with. If I were a betting man I put my money on The Avengers to rule the summer. 

Dark Knight Rises
Ice Age: Continental Drift
The Watch
Step Up Revolution
The Amazing Spider-Man
Magic Mike
Moonrise Kingdom

The first week of August starts off with a remake. A remake that looks to be more faithful to its source material. Let us sit back and enjoy Total Recall.



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Hookedonavengers2012 7/30/2012 12:58:24 AM

 Avengers will be top dog by a big margin...And Spidey still can beat Batman overall. Spideys international numbers are better overall.

Dazzler 7/30/2012 4:01:10 AM

Who cares?  Batman did not bomb and neither did any superhero movie, unlike last year *cough Green Lantern* Just have to be patient and wait for new ones. 

ElBaz13 7/30/2012 4:45:30 AM

Avengers had no competition? Really??? Sure it didn't have any Indiana Jones or Transformers to compete against but don't tell me it had no competition. A Depp/Burton flick in Dark Shadows, Battleship (sure it sucked but still a summer popcorn blockbuster that managed impressive overseas numbers) and Men in Black 3 I'm sure put a dent on some of the Avengers numbers.

TDKR had Step Up 2 and the Watch and now Total Recall remake. That's it.

Let's also not forget this stat. 10-day total for TDKR = 289 million. 10-day total for Avengers = 373 million.

No excuses. Avengers > TDKR. Critics and box office.

Someone who posts regularly here but has been noticeably absent the past several weeks should be eating crow right now.

dalgoda 7/30/2012 5:14:26 AM

ElBaz, don't forget that Avengers' midweek results were while school was still in session as well, so results were not as good as they could have been.  

Hey, I liked all three of the summer comic movies.  But you know who blasted Avengers for months and made it into a competition.  Avengers>TDKR critically and commercially.

Hobbs 7/30/2012 5:33:50 AM

lol, you guys are really worried about the BO numbers?  Avengers had 3D numbers where DK did not and also had the tradegy occur.  Which you will never know how much it will mess with the numbers. Either way DK will make more than 400 mil domestic and to compare Spidermans international numbers when it's been out for a month is nuts.  Lets wait till all the dust settles.

Finally saw DKR this weekend, the best freaking movie I've seen this year and a hundred times better than Avengers unless I was a 12 year old.  Epic is all I can say to that movie, it also had the perfect ending to the trilogy.  Nolan Batman will rank up there as one of the greatest trilogies in movie history.  I was reading some of your comments in the review section and all I can say is if you hated Nolans Batman movies the first time why did you bother seeing it now?  Makes no sense to me but to each their own.


Bryzarro 7/30/2012 6:11:14 AM

Why the comparison on these two flicks anyways?  Totally different in story telling and execution.  Avengers has Marvel's 3 Top movie tentpole hero's against arguable DC's #1.  Thats about where the comparison stops.  

I enjoyed TDKR.  I loved Avengers.  Difference I got more laughs and enjoyed the superpower action sequences.  In a Batman film I wasn't expecting that.  They didn't make him a larger than life hero he was grounded in reality.  I wouldn't dream of taking my 7 Year old to Batman I took my wife.  I took the whole family to Avengers.  It's not a which is better than the other.  It's what type of film appeals to a broader market.


So far I've enjoyed this summer's crop of flicks.  Looking forward to Total Recall, the New Bourne, and Expendables.  And once my kid is back in School I can see the new RE!!!  

ElBaz13 7/30/2012 6:16:59 AM

@Hobbs. BO numbers make or break. It's bragging rights more than anything. A lot of people here have said "who cares about the Marvel vs DC BO numbers, they are both comic movies to enjoy. Yes, but someone here took it personally at the beginning of May and started posting some negative comments about the Avengers. I get it. This guy is pro-DC and Batman. Marvel vs DC  is a competition plain and simple and it's been going on for 50 years now. There will always be a little trash talking on who is #1 (at the time) and now Marvel fans can claim that title for now. I still recall my DC-fan friends ridiculing Marvel movies at me in the early 90s when Batman was on top. Then Spidey took over 10 years ago but the title was reclaimed by TDK. Now Avengers is the champion. Not bad for a a movie of All-star B-list superheroes vs the most profitable and popular superhero in the world.

As for "hating". Hate is a strong word. I would say disappointed, not hate. If I hated, TDKR would have never gotten any cash from me. I really didn't like Transformers 2 but still went to see 3. I've never been keen on the way Fox is handling the X-men franchise but I still go see them. I always hope for the best when I go to the movies and loved Batman Begins and wanted to see this saga close. I didn't hate TDKR. There were things I didn't like in the movie just like TDK but there were still some stuff I liked,

DarthoftheDead 7/30/2012 6:46:28 AM

I agree with Dalgoda..

I especially agree with EIBaz13 (Thanks, Dude, lol)!!!

iceknight52 7/30/2012 7:00:52 AM

I too finally saw TDKR this weekend and what a truly epic film it was. I absolutely loved how they worked in the detective part of Batman with Blake. Yet, like the Avengers I felt both movies suffered a little from slow starts. Though both films truly picked it up on the back half. To me, Batman felt more heart felt and (if I dare say this about a superhero film) real. I felt like Nolan has done a wonderful job in his trilogy to really capture a hero struggling against a mastermind, a complete pyscho and now a tyrant. Where as Avengers was just a badass comic film with a lot of eye candy and fun! Overall, tip my hat to both films and point and laugh at the Marvel and DC guys fighting it out as if it really matters which was a better film or made more money. To me, I'm the winner since I truly enjoyed both films!! What an epic summer it has been on the big screen.

Tevii 7/30/2012 7:16:16 AM

I finally saw TDKR this weekend. pretty good movie...hundred times better than The Dark Knight: that boring-ass overrated movie. I was scared going in this one it would be equally boring. But no, this is better than TDK but not as good as Batman Begins. More plotholes than BB or TDK however.

But overall the best CBM this year is still Avengers IMO.


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