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DarthoftheDead 7/30/2012 3:25:07 PM

Bane sounds like DarK Helmet!!!!....Just deal with it, lmao!!!!!!!!

And I dont know how serious you guys take your characters.....Bane without "venom" IS NOT Bane....

What would you think of a Joker without the white face and green hair?

Dont bother with "Real&Gritty" EXCUSE.....cause in a real and gritty world the Bat wouldnt survive very long at himself......thats the great thing about Alfred and Robin, etc, etc.....they help B.M. survive....

zipahead 7/30/2012 4:11:52 PM

I liked both films can you be a fan of superhero comics and not like them...they are both great achievements in the genre.The Dark Knight series very big on auteurship and gras vitas and the Avengers ushering in the new age of Marvel...'nuff said. BTW I liked Spiderman too.

vitieddie 7/30/2012 4:14:00 PM

To my pals Darth and HOA ... TDKR can still catch Spidey overall ... Spidey has a few weeks start and TDKR is still strong domestically

@Elbaz ... it should have been a close BO battle (accounting for 3D as well) between Avengers and TDKR ... we will never know if the shooting affected it adversely or not ... but yes Avengers will win the summer BO battle ... the writer of the BO report is obviously trolling?

@wessmith, stuntman ... agree with you on the difference between the movies ... the only major similar theme is that they are based on comics ... otherwise the movies are quite different in content, style, running time, etc ...

vitieddie 7/30/2012 4:31:38 PM

Also @Elbaz ... big LOL at your statement trying to make Avengers look like "B" stars? come on man ...

I'm not going to go into detail but Avengers had quite a few lead in movies and a big star (Iron Man) to carry the movie ... in comic book terms, Avengers is Marvel's premier team ... the Dark Knight is a popular character but how was he to stand against the might of the combined team .... and Batman has been thro many movies now - its surprising he can still draw a crowd ... further, Avengers was made to play to the crowds - family friendly, variety of characters, action, effects, slim line story, witty dialogue, shorter running time, etc

No, you are wrong sir, Batman was the underdog this summer ...

(ok some of my rant does not compute but you get my point ... and I never put down Marvel when they did not have movies success - i just enjoyed any CBM that came out as a blessing)

ElBaz13 7/30/2012 6:06:26 PM


No way was Batman the underdog of the summer. If you look at any site that had summer box office forecast, everyone had TDKR as #1. Box Office Mojo predicted 400 million for Avengers and 500 million for TDKR. Following the hype of TDK and knowing it's the ending of a trilogy, the predictions were all there for Batman.

I still stand by my statement that they are B list heroes. When I think of A-list. There are only 3, maybe 4 at the top. Those are the heroes everyone know. Superman, Batman and Spiderman. The majority of the years they had their movies released, they were the #1 movies that year.

If you look at the lead in movies, Thor, Cap and Hulk did some good success at the box office to be considered hits, but they were nowhere near Spiderman/Batman numbers. In fact, the Hulk movies just broke even. Cap and Thor did a little better than expected but were not megahits (#10 and #12 domestic). Iron Man 1 and 2 were the true champs of the lineup and I'm sure propelled the character to A-list status but were still not the #1 movies of their years. It is mighty impressive what Marvel pulled off by having these guys in the same movie.

What if Spiderman and Wolverine been part of the Avengers? then perhaps it would have boosted the lineup and truly be Marvel's top characters and added more box office success.

Bottom line. Marvel won this year's battle.

Next up. Steel vs Iron. That is Iron Man 3 vs Man of Steel. Should be another constant debate of Marvel vs DC. :)

keithdaniel 7/30/2012 6:49:41 PM

Omegadean, sorry you didn't like TDKR (I bet you didn't predict the ending!) but I guess those of us who did have something you lack...taste!!!  LOL!!!

vitieddie 7/30/2012 8:12:43 PM


But you're just looking at the numbers ... these movies were released in a short time frame in movie standards ... and it was a build up of hype and advertising etc (kudos to Marvel) ... TDK was released in 2008 ... and it was always going to be hard to match in terms of succes ...

I agree with you - I read all those predictions in box office mojo etc ...and deadline was predicting 125 mill for opening BO for Avengers .... but personally and the general sense I got from the fans and the internet was that Avengers was going to be huge ... i felt TDKR would do well to pass TDK in the opening weekend and was hoping for 175-180 ...

Also - as i said - Avengers just had more strenghts in terms of mass appeal and repeat viewing ... its hard to compare but yes Marvel won the battle ... probably win more battles to come ... maybe when that JLA movie (FINALLY) comes out and i am not dead - i can then rub it in lol

Yes, MOS v IM3 .... WB will either step up or bend over again

alienstatue 7/30/2012 8:36:23 PM

If Avengers winning the box office this year means lower Marvel comic-book prices, than HEY! More power to them. But we all know that sh*t ain't gonna happen!! So why are we fighting against eachother when we should be fighting "the man". LOL! JK.



dawntreader 7/30/2012 11:18:57 PM

TDKR was not a great movie, it was a good movie. It was fun, well paced and had enough action and plot twists to fit in well with the previous 2.

The biggest problem with the movie is that it was not a Batman movie. It wasnt even a Bruce Wayne movie. It was a story set in Gotham City with all sorts of people doing thier thing.

I personally feel that TDK was the best of the 3, except for the ending.

Now TDKR vs Avengers? Avengers was the 2nd best movie I have ever seen, and the best movie in ages. It was way better than any of the Chris Nolan Batman movies, way better than Avatard, way better than Titanic, way better than any Star Wars, Matrix, Spidey or recent or past superhero movie. The only movie that I still can't let out of my most favorite spot is the original Tron. But if I had both in my BluRay collection and was able to only ever watch one again, it would be Avengers by a long shot.

Because I have seen Tron so many times in my life that I could watch it in my head.

keithdaniel 7/31/2012 9:24:39 AM

Dawntreader, I strongly disagree with you not only about TDKR not being a great movie but that it wasn't a Batman movie, of course it was.  Just because Batman wasn't the center of attention every minute of the movie and gave enough scenes for his supporting cast doesn't mean it wasn't.  Avengers better than not only the Nolan Batman films but "way better" than any Star Wars?  Don't think so!!!

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