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wrrlykam 11/19/2012 1:27:22 PM

Twilight Babies the TV series??? Cute bay vampires at Day Care . . . oh wait Hollywood may read this . . . . delete delete delete . . . . why wont the key work.

almostunbiased 11/19/2012 1:55:40 PM

I didn't even know Lincoln came out.  Never saw a commercial for it.  That's bad.  My next movie is the Hobbit for sure, unless I see Life of Pi.


alienstatue 11/19/2012 2:12:00 PM

@Inner - Don't you mean Trouble with the curve? Pitch Perfect is the singing movie, I believe.


Cloud Atlas was great, Skyfall was a great action film and good acting, but I felt really disconnected from all the characters. But it was a cool flick. Lincoln was good too. Wreck it Ralph was pretty funny.

hanso 11/19/2012 2:12:56 PM

 InnerSanctum, what on Earth are you talking about Pitch Perfect & Clint Eastwood?

hanso 11/19/2012 2:17:27 PM

 I saw Pitch Perfect and I liked it but it needed more boobs for sure.

I didn't see Cloud Atlas, now I feel ashamed cause of Wiseguy.  I tried man, I just couldn't get to it!  Been missing a lot of flicks but in my defense I didn't see Taken 2 so it cancels not seeing Cloud Atlast :)

I did see Skyfall which was great and Wreck It Ralph was pretty good too.

Life of Pi is where its at this weekend.

TheRiffs 11/19/2012 4:01:35 PM

Had to take the woman to twilight, everyone lived happily ever after yay!!! (but not really).

I was looking foward to Lincoln has anyone caught it yet? Skyfall is a must for me, still cant believe i havent seen it yet.

Wise- i am suprised you enjoyed Cloud Atlas i just had such high hopes for it and all it did was let me down. If a movie is going to be 3 hours i need to be completely invested in the characters and the story (neither of which worked for me), IMO it just wasnt worth the ticket price.


alienstatue 11/19/2012 5:02:43 PM

@TheRiffs - Lincoln as a good film. It's pretty slow paced, which isn't a bad thing I just know that's not some folks cup of tea. But I enjoyed it. I will say though that it didn't feel like a Speilberg film. I felt like anyone could have directed it. Was just very simple, but the acting was great.

Tevii 11/19/2012 5:23:08 PM

Wise - hahah love your assessment of people that whine for orginality never suppoirt it when there is orginality.

So true

Dazzler 11/19/2012 5:48:59 PM

Can't wait to see Red Dawn!  Going to beat some Chinesse a$$!  They should probably redo the movie again to get more Chantum Tatum in there. 

Wiseguy 11/19/2012 6:04:08 PM

TheRiffs I can respect that. I think the film is a great talking piece on many levels.  I thought Hanks was great as well as Weaving.

I also understand folk that may find the theme of the film off-putting  staying away but my peeve is with the ones that blindly dismiss it while calling for fresh things on the silver screen.

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