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ElBaz13 3/4/2013 5:42:22 AM

Looks like Oz will be destroying March box office records. The Disney marketing machine has been all over this one. I have two kids at home that have seen the previews over and over again and dying to see this.

If you recall, no one expected Alice In Wonderland to almost gross 1 billion worldwide as a March release. This will follow the footsteps.

Too bad about Jack the Giant Slayer. Ok flick but not super awesome. This movie would have been crushed during the busy summer months.

Wiseguy 3/4/2013 9:51:10 AM

I enjoyed Jack very much, too bad it did so poorly.

I checked out Beautiful Creatures and I can see why it hasn't attracted the young girls like Twilight did. The lead actor is the worst, I wanted to reach in to the screen and punch him myself. Roles like that are usually created for women. The rest of the cast wasn't bad, just him single handedly  bringing the movie down and killing any chance of it becoming a franchise

And finally caught Side Effects. Very very cool mystery, glad we made time for it.


Really looking forward to OZ but I'm more intrigued by Dead Man Down

shac2846 3/4/2013 10:01:46 AM

 I enjoyed side effects a great slow burn thriller. Glad I went to see it as well. 

Man I bet Singer is hoping for a home run with days of future past. That's a pretty much a 200million bomb if it doesn't make it's cash back over the month and then dvd (but with Oz on it's heel that's looking unlikely) that's got to sting.

goirish83 3/4/2013 2:17:59 PM

Went to see "The Last Exorcism 2", meh, wasn't that good, now I know why it wasn't screened for critics.  The CGI for "Jack", just looked bad, that's why I stayed away.

@Wiseguy, saw a new trailer for "Dead Man Down" last night, that movie looks very good.



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