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goldeneyez 12/16/2012 5:50:47 PM

I'd heard too many people complain so I just saw it in normal 2D.  I've seen the "soap opera" effect on my Blu-ray player and I don't like it, I always change it so I don't have to watch movies in that format.  Because of that, I wasn't willing to spend the $15 to $20 to watch it in a manner that I know I don't like.  That said, I am a little annoyed I couldn't see the first 9 minutes of Star Trek, but I guess I can wait until the summer.

SarcasticCaveman 12/16/2012 7:02:51 PM

 Still waiting to see it on Christmas night, but I'll be seeing it in regular 2D also.  Can't wait.

vitieddie 12/16/2012 7:13:39 PM

Still waiting ... here ... in Oz ... just next to where it was shot ... NZ ... wtf

Watched RISE OF THE GUARDIANS the previous weekend ... (minor spoilers) ...

It had a very strong first half ... interesting and funny and action packed ... animation and voice acting was great ... then .... it went everywhere and nowhere ... it was like the screenwriters didn't know how to end it  ... weird twists and turns ... like how  the good guys turn the tide in the end ... and how a certain character re-appears without an explanation ... felt unsatisfied by the end of it ... C plus

almostunbiased 12/16/2012 7:51:44 PM

I was disappointed in the Hobbit.

shac2846 12/16/2012 7:52:55 PM

I enjoyed Rise of the Guardians but your complaints vitieddie were mine and I think that's why Dreamworks animation will never really get to the pixar level. I left guardians kind of thinking it was good but it didn't stick with me. Although it wasn't a pixar film John Lasseter had a small executive producing role on Wreck-it-Ralph and I thought it was the best animated film I've seen this year. 

Hobbit was excellent. Actually surprised it didn't do bigger but as was pointed out on the review page holiday releases don't have the same openings numbers as summer releases. These films, like avatar for example, that come out this time of year can carry themselves through the next couple months and make a pile of cash. And I will be contributing. Going back to see it tomorrow and hopefully in the high frame rate later this week. Just found out we have 48fps for a limited IMAX engagement at one of our theatres.

SarcasticCaveman 12/16/2012 7:53:10 PM

 almostunbiased...are you saying it came up a little short?  uh huh huh

almostunbiased 12/16/2012 7:53:18 PM

Maybe I'm a purist but it bothers me that Peter changed it so much and not just what happened, but also the character of Bilbo was changed to much too quickly.  Still I liked the movie, just not happy with it.  I think the next two will be better.  I'm happy that most people loved it.

almostunbiased 12/16/2012 7:55:15 PM

I wish they would have started with Gandalf going to Dol Gulder and finding Thrain and getting the key.  That would have helped me out a lot I think, oh and very funny Caveman.  But SPOILER ALERT Bilbo attacking that orc so violently was so out of character for him.  Still I am looking forward to the next round.

TheSeeeker 12/16/2012 8:37:51 PM

I saw the Hobbit this afternoon in 3D HFR and I for one thought it was awesome. I have no idea what the gripes were all about because the picture was crystal clear with no blur/ghosting and was very easy to follow. The movie was long , definetly don't recommend drinking a Big Gulp before you go see it but I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to part 2 next year!

Dazzler 12/17/2012 3:40:55 AM

Opps sorry I did not see this thread...I swear it was not here a sec ago in my browser...oh well.

The. Movie. Was. Frakin. Great!

I cant wait til next year now.  Debating if I like it better than Avengers.  Better story anyway.  I can't believe the critics on this movie, even Mania's.  And I am used to great frame rates with my Super HD tv anyway.  I loved the dwarfin singing.  Now that was manly singing, not like the light in loafers singing they do now.  I thought they were going to do a full reveal for Smaug?  Guess they want to build it up still which is fine by me.  I thought the pacing was great and they did not have to shoehorn the movie in one movie.  I like real eposidic movies.  I believe they used to do the more when movies first came out.  People don't seem to have patience anymore. 

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