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wessmith1966 5/13/2013 3:11:10 PM

 Didn't go to see Gatsby because I've read the book twice and didn't like it eaither time and I'm just not a DiCaprio fan at all. Also, I didn't like the look of the film in the trailers I saw. I worried that there's so much glitz that the story will get lost. Still, I like good movies of any kind, so what's the skinny on the film Maniacs? Good film or wait for it on HBO?

Saw IM3 for a second time and enjoyed it again. It's been an excellent trilogy of fims, but I'm ready to just see Tony and Iron Man in Avengers films. Let's bring Black Panther front and center or other good characters.

Can't wait for Star Trek this weekend. I love all forms of Star Trek and really liked JJ's reboot so I'm chomping at the bit to see the new film.

iceknight52 5/13/2013 3:56:26 PM

Can't wait for Star Trek this weekend. Probably my most anticipated film this summer, sure hope it doesn't disappoint. As for IM3, I'm still on the "Meh" train. Sorry, really didn't do anything for me and felt like this last one went out with more of a whimper than a bang. Oh, and no matter how well it did in the box office it will not make me change my tune about the overall story and film. I am looking more forward to RDJ returning in the cast of Avengers. Before I would have said that I love his stand alone performance but now I'd actually rather see his interaction with a strong cast than in his own IM films. I'm going to move over here now as all the Marvel tinted glass wearing fans scream and call me hater. ;P

ponyboy76 5/14/2013 2:00:39 PM

 Star Trek into Darkness was awesome so it should do well and probably take the top spot but not by much.

Wiseguy 5/14/2013 2:56:29 PM

I don't know pony, 3rd weekend of IM3 should be pretty far behins opening weekend ST.

It's also pushing IM3 out of most if not all I-max screens

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