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Mania Box Office Report: NON-STOP to the TOP

The LEGO Movie falls

By Robert T. Trate     March 03, 2014
Source: Box Office Mojo

Liam Neeson returns to kick ass in Non-Stop
© Universal Pictures

The LEGO Movie has fallen, long live... Non-Stop! The most recent Liam Neeson action flick has beaten both The LEGO Movie and Son of God to take the first weekend in March. It is interesting, that with this also being Oscar weekend, the only title with Oscar nominations still in the top 10 is Disney’s Frozen. Which, by the way, is now the 8th movie ever to earn $1 Billion world wide. 

How does Non-Stop measure up with other recent Neeson flicks? Ray Subers of Box Office Mojo had this to report: “Playing at 3,090 locations, Non-Stop led the way with an estimated $30 million. That's a significant step up from recent Neeson movies Unknown ($21.9 million) and The Grey ($19.7 million). It's also on par with similar movies like Olympus Has Fallen ($30.4 million) and Inside Man ($29 million).”

The Oscar are over and now we have the Spring movies to content with. Captain America: The Winter Solider, Muppets Most Wanted, and Divergent will all be here soon enough.
























Son of God








The LEGO Movie








The Monuments Men








3 Days to Kill








RoboCop (2014)
























About Last Night








Ride Along







This week we have the long awaited sequel to 300 to see. From what I have been told, IMAX 3D is the best way to see 300: Rise of an Empire.


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goirish83 3/3/2014 9:39:11 AM

Went to see "Non-Stop" last night.  I really liked it, and I really like Liam Neeson in this type of role, he plays it very well.  The ending was a bit of a surprise.  Good movie all-in-all.

toran 3/3/2014 10:59:06 AM

 Ugh, don't like the fact that Son of God made so much money.  Its not that I have anything against Christianty or those who follow its tenents. But the fact that that film was literally cobbled together from the last 1/3 of a History Channel mini-series that already made tons of money in terms of ratings and DVD sales, this just comes off as the makers manipulating the faith of others so they can make one more cynical cash grab.  And I can think of at least one, very well known historical figure who had some pretty strong opinions on that subject. 

alienstatue 3/3/2014 11:06:47 AM

Dang, Kevin Hart better get ready for all the sequels he's going to have. He's killing it right now.

ElBaz13 3/3/2014 11:37:39 AM

What is it with Liam Neeson that keeps doing action movies, the older he gets? Wow, this dude is 61 and still has lead action movie roles.


RaithManan 3/3/2014 12:05:49 PM

Yes, Liam Neeson has now become the Sean Connery of the sexy looking old man doing the action trend @ElBaz.  And it if working, keep doing it.  Only Liam Neeson could take down Lego Liam Neeson. 

Wiseguy 3/3/2014 12:08:21 PM

toran why's that so offensive to you? I didn't see the series and I'm sure many millions others didn't either and maybe some would rather watch the film in a theater than at home. How many of us have gone back to the theater to see Star Wars, Titanic or any other films re-released in theaters even though we can just as easily watch it at home.


RaithManan 3/3/2014 12:08:47 PM

And Liam knows ladies dig him doing it.  My girlfriend drools for him.  Dammit Liam, you gonna have to put it in a bottle so I can be just like you - - you're 15 years older than I am.  Ha Ha

VinJoy 3/3/2014 12:18:54 PM

Robocop's out? I ain't even know it.

violator14 3/3/2014 1:32:21 PM

 I just checked out info and trailers on RT for "In Fear". Never heard of it til now but it's running at 100%!! That's like almost unheard of for a horror/thriller like this.

toran 3/3/2014 2:49:38 PM

 Wisebuy,  I don't really find it offensive. Making money has always been the edict of Hollywood. Its just in this particular case I find it more than a little crass and hypocritcal to make such a naked cash grab when it's going completly in the opposite direction of the message the producers are obviously trying to make. And when you see Star Wars or Titanic its for entertainment value. I don't know. Maybe I  really am way off base here. But if you're toying around with people's faith in a higher power, shouldn't you at least TRY to be a bit more respectful?

 In the end, of course it doesn't matter what I think. The producers are gonna make millions and the world going to keep spinning. I just felt it necessary to call this out for what it is. 

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