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Mania Box Office Report: Robin Falls

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Mania Box Office Report: Robin Falls

Expendables Beats Premium Rush

By News Desk     August 26, 2012
Source: Box Office Mojo

The Expendables 2 repeated in first place on what was easily the lowest-grossing weekend of 2012 so far: the Top 12 added up to an estimated $83.4 million, or 11 percent less than the previous low (Feb. 3-5). While the end of August is generally a slow time for movie-going, it was exacerbated this year by a middling set of holdovers and an even worse group of new releases (Premium Rush, Hit and Run and The Apparition) that couldn't even break $7 million. One interesting area, at least, was the performance of 2016 Obama's America, which is already the highest-grossing conservative documentary ever.

The Expendables 2 fell 53 percent to an estimated $13.5 million this weekend. That drop is slightly steeper than that of the first Expendables (51 percent), and its $52.3 million 10-day total noticeably trails that movie's $65.4 million.

Holding on to second place, The Bourne Legacy dropped 46 percent to an estimated $9.3 million. Through 17 days, the spin-off/reboot has earned $85.5 million, and at this rate has zero chance of matching previous series low The Bourne Identity's $121.7 million total.

In its second weekend, ParaNorman eased 39 percent to an estimated $8.55 million. That's a nice hold, even if it isn't quite as strong as Coraline (12 percent dip). The stop-motion animation flick's total reached $28.3 million.

Will Ferrell-Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign dipped 43 percent to an estimated $7.44 million in its third outing for a total of $64.5 million (on the low-end for Ferrell movies at this point). The Dark Knight Rises rounded out the Top Five with $7.16 million, which is off 35 percent from last weekend. The conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has now made $422.2 million at the domestic box office, which is good for 11th on the all-time chart.

Expendables 2
Bourne Legacy
The Campaign
The Dark Knight Rises
Odd Life of Timothy Green
Premium Rush
2016 Obama’s America
Hope Springs
Hit and Run

This week the genre fairy deals us another early horror film in preparation for Halloween, The Possession (see trailer below). It looks for more appealing than the out of nowhere Lawless starring Shia LaBeouf. Honestly, where did this movie come from? I went to the theater all summer and only caught a TV Spot for this one in a bar. The bright side is that it does star Bane himself, Tom Hardy. 



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hanso 8/27/2012 1:56:53 AM

 Caught Premium Rush which was alright.  Jgl deserves more than $6 million opening, guy as been doing doing good work recently.  Also, Caught a special screening of Lawless too..  Wasn't as good as I thought it'd be but worth checking out.  Guy Pearce was disturbing as the bad guy and some of the violence made people cringe.  Kind of surprised it was Shias flick.  Would've thought it was hardy's.  Oh and Jessica Chastain shows boobs.

vitieddie 8/27/2012 4:00:36 AM

 thanks hanso - will def check out lawless!

and go expendables! 2nd week in a row


Total Recall 

This wasn't as bad as the reviews make it out to be. The cities looked cool and all sci fi like ... action was good .. ladies were pretty ... and they changed some of the gadgets etc but tried to stay a bit close to the original. Only the ending was a bit boring - was falling asleep by then.

B minus

monkeyfoot 8/27/2012 6:44:59 AM

Didn't see anything this weekend. Premium Rush just doesn't look like a movie I'd be interested in seeing in a theater. Lawless looks like the only movie I might be interested in seeing.

On a completley different different topic. I'm questioning and kind of sad to see that Mania did not and has not done an article on the passing of Neil Armstrong. Phyllis Diller had no real connection to the subject matter of this website but she got a notice. I know this is mainly a genre media website but Mr. Armstrong's life and what he did is literally what all our love of science fiction and heroes is only about figuratively. He was as humble as Superman despite his great accomplishments as fighter pilot, test pilot, and astronaut. The mere fact that he is the first human being in history to walk across the surface of another world will probably be one of the shining moments of our time to our decendants a thousand years from now (assuming we survive).

Thank you, Mr. Armstrong. Continue leaping gigantically.

hanso 8/27/2012 6:57:45 AM

 monkey, there is alot the site dont do anymore, like now they just copy paste articles from other sites.  they dont even bother changing one word.  not surprised there i nothing on armstrong.  ..........................................................................................................................................................................Hey Wise, score is 3 to 4 ur lead, or did u see more than 2 flicks this week?

Wiseguy 8/27/2012 8:03:11 AM

hanso we had some free time this week so

Killer Joe- this was good not as good as I wanted. It's a hire for murder plot to collect insurance. Right off the bat we get a full view Gina Gershon's hairy beaver and later on Juno Temple. Thomas Haden Church is funny as a simpleton hick. McConaughey is great as Killer Joe, this cat should play bad guys more often.

Robot and Frank- just the story of a ne'er-do-well jewel thief starting to suffer from dementia. His daughter too busy traveling and son has his own family gets him a robot as a sort of health care assistant to keep him active and stimulate his brain. Not as emotional as I thought has some light comedic moments, pretty good though. He of course manipulates the robot to help him get back into robbing as a form to stimulate him. There's a bit of a surprise at the end. It's a satisfying drama but doesn't carry any real punch

Hit and Run- not very funny. In this case I really think they do show the funniest moment in the commercial. First Dax Shepard should never be your lead. There are some funny moments but not enough. Not a total waste but just not a strong enough romantic comedy. And for a guy that was a getaway driver he seemed to have a hard time getting away from everyone. At the end all the film wants is for folk not to use gay or fag as a replacement for lame which made the film gay :)

Hope Springs- got dragged to this one but you seem to have liked it so why not. Not my cup of tea, maybe in 30 years. I did want to punch TLJ in the face not for not wanting to go but complaining about the prices on everything. And Elizabeth Shue come on she had like 3 lines, she's an Oscar nominated actress show some respect damn it

Plus the Apparition and Premium Rush. The former sucked and the latter was at least entertaining and compact

I think both Killer Joe and Robot and Frank are only playing in NYC so I don't think you can count them.

Wiseguy 8/27/2012 8:17:40 AM

As far as Lawless I'm looking forward to it. I knew Shia was the main guy as the story I had read is told through his eyes. Sorry to hear the mild disappointment but with that entire cast I'm still looking forward to it.

And The Possession too, it has to be better than The Apparition

hanso how sick was Breaking Bad last night?

hanso 8/27/2012 8:23:52 AM

 damn son, u kicking my ass already.  the nyc only movies count man, a movie is a movie.  however, going to see stuff that has already been released, like indy or nemo forexample doesnt.  i just made these rules up so feel free to add more...................not checking out the apparation, horror is something i usually stay clear of, especially at the movies.  last horror flick i saw was scream 4 and prior to that i dont remember.  the genre just doesnt do it for me that much.................oh and not trying to take anyones enthusiam on lawless.  i cant really get into it till the flick comes out but there were 2 things that really bugged me thats y it wasnt as good as i thought it be.  but i enjoyed it.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/27/2012 8:26:29 AM

Breaking Bad was awesome.  And I almost gave out spoilers. Shame on me. But I just knew it was going to go down like that because of foreshadowing of a certain name. I was hoping it wouldn't and somebody would have balls and do it like a man but nope.

hanso 8/27/2012 8:29:54 AM

 havent seen bb yet but read up on it.  wasnt expecting that too happen.  the damn site ate my original post so i wont type again cause typing on the phone is balls.  so ill just say i hate walt.

Wiseguy 8/27/2012 8:38:30 AM

I actually stayed up to catch BB a second time. Yeah I'm with you on Walt but honestly I've been there for a long time already. I always said his ego and pride were too much and even Mike echoed that

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