Mania Box Office Report: Spidey Swings only so High -

Mania Box Office Report: Spidey Swings only so High

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Mania Box Office Report: Spidey Swings only so High

Falls short of other Superhero Flicks

By Robert T. Trate     July 08, 2012
Source: Box Office Mojo

The Amazing Spider-Man got off to a very good start over the past six days, though it didn't perform at the same level as the previous series entries. Meanwhile, Ted continued to play well, Savages got off to a decent start, and Katy Perry: Part of Me disappointed. The Top 12 earned an estimated $187.1 million this weekend, which is up 28 percent from the same frame last year.
The Spider-Man reboot earned an estimated $65 million for the three-day weekend. Adding in its previous three days of grosses, the new version of the webslinger's story had a $140 million six-day opening. Over the identical six-day period in 2007, Transformers earned $155.4 million. 
That six-day opening is significantly higher than Batman Begins ($79.5 million) or X-Men: First Class ($69.9 million) among comic book reboots. The best way to judge the movie's success, though, is not to compare to different franchises, but instead to compare within the Spider-Man franchise. It did wind up close to the first Spider-Man's $144.2 million six-day start, though it was way off from Spider-Man 2 ($180.1 million) and Spider-Man 3 ($176.2 million). Batman Begins, on the other hand, had the highest six-day start in Batman franchise history at the time.
First Class provides a more accurate comparison; it was also a reboot that opened five years after a trilogy conclusion that made tons of money but was creatively disappointing. X-Men: First Class's $55.1 million debut was about in line with the first X-Men's $54.5 million, and at the time it was deemed mildly successful; therefore, The Amazing Spider-Man deserves about the same status at this point.
According to distributor Sony Pictures, the movie's audience was 58 percent male and 54 percent were 25 years of age and older. They awarded Spider-Man an "A-" CinemaScore, which suggests good word-of-mouth that could propel the movie to close to $300 million (assuming it doesn't get completely crushed by The Dark Knight Rises in two weeks). 
Even though on the surface it appeared to have one of the more interesting uses of 3D in recent years, only 44 percent of The Amazing Spider-Man's grosses came from those higher-priced tickets. IMAX was comparatively much more impressive: the format accounted for $14.3 million, or roughly 10 percent, of the six-day grosses (all of that is included within the 3D share).

Amazing Spider-Man
Magic Mike
Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection
Madagascar 3
Katy Perry: Part of Me
Moonrise Kingdom
To Rome With Love

Marvel’s The Avengers has dropped to 12th place with $611,130,000 grossed thus far. Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is still in the top 20 (#15) with a total of $122,400,000 domestically.

The genre titles are sparse this week as Mania will be bringing you a review of Ice Age 4: Continental Drift. Though we’re sure your attention will not be on the movies coming out this week. As all attention falls on the geek event of the year this week, Comic Con.


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Wyldstaar 7/8/2012 8:22:01 PM

When one factors in the filming budget and marketing costs of The Amazing Spider-Man, the movie has already managed to break even.  Sony has to be happy about that, regardless of the performance of past films in the franchise.  With another weekend to go before Batman, they stand to do quite well for themselves.  I'm sure Marvel doesn't mind the increased sales of Spider-Man merchandise as well.

alienstatue 7/8/2012 8:27:20 PM

I enjoyed Spiderman overall, but I have to say if we get a sequel I'd be interested in a different director. The non-CGI action scenes weren't good in my opinion, and I noticed some weird editing mistakes that took me out of the film (maybe Webb was forced to cut the fim down a lot?). As a spiderman story, I was underwhelmed, but as a "Peter meets Gwen" story it was really good. The CGI action scenes were amazing.

Maybe I should wait to see if there's a director's cut before I make my final judgement on Webb.

vitieddie 7/8/2012 8:40:27 PM

The Amazing Spiderman

(minor spoilers)

The acting was quite good and the story arc was a bit deeper this time. I actually prefer Garfield to TM because he doesn't have the glassy eyed stare into space thingy. The action, dialogue and effects were above average.

However, the first half of the film was boringggg. And they seemed to fast forward the custome/gadgets creation phase. Also, somehow, the effects seemed better in the previous series - especially the swinging through the sky scenes. But most of all, there were some contrived sequences e.g. the spider web in the sewer and the cranes aligning to give spidey a hand. Overall, it was a bit underwhelming. This was certainly no Avengers. (PS - the mid credits scene left me with "WTF was that?")

B minus.

TheRiffs 7/8/2012 10:26:21 PM

No suprise here i contributed to both ted (for the second time) and Spiderman of course. Will prolly see Spiderman again tom, i cant agree that i enjoyed the previous Spiderman better, however i still believe Spiderman 2 has been the best out of all of em. The negative talk is only from those who thought it was to soon to reboot the series and cant just accept it for being a the same character with a different story. (IMO the Ultimate Spiderman way) I have to say i am a much bigger fan of Garfield and Stone but anyways in the end Spiderman will do its job and another will soon be made. (fingers crossed for Mysterio)

Did anyone check out Savages i was kind of looking forward to it and didnt get chance to see it?

thezillaman 7/9/2012 12:59:36 AM

@TheRiffs, i heard from my friend Savages was a real good O.S film. and the acting was great along with the story. i will try and go watch it next weekend. still gotta pass on TDKR, just not interesting at all to me... i liked the Amazing Spiderman i think that at the end it had to be ,one,' norman osborn, second maybe, because he looked like he had some kind of fur coat, kraven the hunter, .. whatever the case here i hope we do get to see the next two Amazing Spiderman movies.

Dazzler 7/9/2012 3:34:58 AM

I saw Amazing Spider-man.  They let me down for the focusing on parents thing and untold story bullshit.  Story was good however with Lizard.  The Lizard did not look right in the face, he needed his snout.  They needed to make this more of a monster movie in that regard.  Also they ignored Billy and his wife if they even existed in this.  I do like Spider-man in costume better than previous franchise.  But I did like Toby as Peter Parker better than Garfield.  Also the soundtrack was forgetable considering it was James Horner another let down.  For non hardcore Spider-man fans it should be good enough to see it and it will continue to help bring kids into superhero movies. 

Dazzler 7/9/2012 3:39:21 AM

I saw Savages.  Entertaining violent no apologies about drugs and threesome's movie.  I like how they gave us two endings for movie to pick from.  Of course they did not use the 50 cent song from the trailer, but I am getting used to that now I guess.  I hate how they use music that won't be in movie in trailers. 

MrEt 7/9/2012 4:50:02 AM

I think that puts prometheus at makking roughly 122mil and costing 130mil, it may start making it's money on the extras of bluray and DVD's but I would not be suprised that if we do see a 2nd film that the budget may be a little tighter.

wessmith1966 7/9/2012 5:53:30 AM

This was my favorite Spider-Man film. Emma IS Gwen Stacy in the film and I finally felt like I saw the wise-cracking Spider-Man from the Lee/Ditko comics I grew up on. Taking nothing away from Raimi's films, but I thought this was a much better take on the character. I didn't like the sostume when I first saw it, but it worked. We had Uncle Ben's "With great power" speech, but in a different way that really made it a life lesson for Peter. Garfield did a fine job as Peter; much better than Tobey. I just really liked this film a lot, which suprised me because I went into the theater thinking I wasn't going to like it. I thought the trailers for the film were weak.

Savages was very good. I didn't even know it was an Oliver Stone film until I was in the theater.

iceknight52 7/9/2012 6:08:48 AM

Hands down Spider-Man was one of the best movies I've seen this year. Besides Avengers, it was that movie that I truly did not want to end. I thought Garfield was a great Peter Parker and Emma Stone is an absolute gem as Emma Stone. I even liked how they made the Lizard look more like the original from the comics and not so much like the McFarlane version. I will own this one on Blu-Ray and watch it over and over again. Truly couldn't have been more pleased with this film but then again I went in with no expectations but to be entertained. I'll be seeing this one again this weekend as I wait for Batman.

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