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wessmith1966 7/2/2012 8:34:37 AM

Didn't see Ted this weekend. I wanted to wait to see what all of you thought. I'm not a Family Guy fan; I think it's one of the most idiotic shows I've ever been forced to sit through. Still, my girl wants to see it and since everyone here seemed to enjoy it I'll have to take her this week.

My girl loved Magic Mike; she went with a group of her girlfriends. When they dropped her off at 2 a.m., three sheets to the win, she pulled out a bunch of dollar bills and wanted me to dance! Lol! All she talked about Sunday was how hot the guys were in the movie!

Looking forward to seeing Spiderman. I've read reviews that say it was really bad and other that it was really good. Should be interesting, although I'm kind of disappointed that the "with great power..." line is apparently not in the movie. It'll be interesting to see what Peter's motivation is going to be.

redhairs99 7/2/2012 9:30:17 AM

 Wes, my wife's mother and stepdad are in their 60s and couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed Ted this weekend. So I'd say it has a broader appeal than Family Guy, though I love both!

shac2846 7/2/2012 9:33:05 AM

 Saw Ted and Brave. 

Ted was hillarious. 

Brave was another excellent work in the PIxar catalogue. It was a fairy tale but it was there version of a fairy tale. No song or dance numbers and a really character driven story. Thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Wiseguy 7/2/2012 12:40:24 PM

OK so Avengers are still indeed in the top ten now that final numbers are in.

DarthoftheDead 7/2/2012 1:07:32 PM

Wiseguy - Thanks for the update.........You had me worried for a second, lol..........Gots to go see TED!!!

InnerSanctum 7/2/2012 1:33:39 PM

 wessmith: If you hate Family Guy then you will hate Ted.  It is the exact same humor on octane.  If your girl is expecting a cutsey movie, it does deliver a fraction, but it is very, very crude.  Why I loved it.  But, then again, I think FG is hilarious and I'm a Seth McFarland fan.  

TheRiffs 7/2/2012 1:36:20 PM

Ted was too good, "Oh my god is that a shit in the corner?" i have never laughed so hard.

Spiderman tonight at midnight for me wooooooooo!!!

hanso 7/2/2012 2:06:51 PM

 Spider-Man is where its at bitches!

Wiseguy 7/2/2012 3:50:31 PM

Indeed hanso

InnerSanctum 7/2/2012 3:52:18 PM

 You know you are old when a "midnight showing" sounds too late.  I'll just catch it after the "shine" has worn off.  Yeah, I'm that movie goer now.  

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