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violator14 11/18/2013 3:03:30 PM

 Terrence Howard sounds like the same prick he played in Dead Presidents.

hanso 11/18/2013 3:05:50 PM

 He wasnt fired he walked because they were gonna pay him less.

trollman 11/18/2013 3:12:28 PM

And we still have The HOBBIT 2 coming so the year can only get better.

phantomman 11/18/2013 6:11:36 PM

I have to say I was pretty disappointed in Thor:TDW.   I'm disappointed that I was disappointed.  I wanted to like it.  Couldn't complain about the action.  That was the positive side.  I couldn't buy the love angle between Thor and Jane Foster as there was nothing to fall back on from the previous movie that drives why they're so strongly into each other.  Otherwise the story was all over the place to me and I wasn't compelled by any of the characters.  The exception being Thor's mother Frigga.  She didn't have a whole lot of screen time but I liked her the best.  There was also (attempting to not be spoilerish here)  that one scene that was definitely moving.  If you've seen the movie you know what I refer to.  There were other discrepancies that I don't need to harp on.  It was better than the first one but I think Marvel is getting sloppy.  IM3 and Thor:TDW are epic fails to me.  Worth seeing once to keep up with the story. 

Here's to putting my hopes in Captain America.

TALIS 11/18/2013 6:31:38 PM

Star trek into darkness still my favorite this year.

almostunbiased 11/18/2013 6:53:53 PM

The only reason why I care about how much they make is because you know there will be more if it does well.  I'm loving what they are doing with Thor and I can't wait for another movie.

I actually watched MOS twice this weekend.  I'm shocked myself.  Now that the disappointment is over, I have decided to like it for what it is.  I need to stop getting overly excited for stuff and just go in and watch it for what it is.  That said Marvel hasn't disappointed me yet.

violator14 11/18/2013 10:18:09 PM

Almost-i watched MOS twice as well this past weekend. The Action is awesome. It's like the action u see in the animated series brought to real life!!

ActionMovieGod 11/19/2013 1:24:40 AM

I agree with you Talis i think Star trek into darkness is still the best movie of year but Hobbit 2 just might beat it out! =p

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