Mania Box Office Report: A Whole Lot of Zeros -

Mania Box Office Report: A Whole Lot of Zeros

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Mania Box Office Report: A Whole Lot of Zeros

Zero Dark Thirty beats the Gangsters

By Robert T. Trate     January 13, 2013
Source: Box Office Mojo

Zero Dark Thirty took the mediocre weekend away from Gangster Squad and Texas Chainsaw 3D. Did anyone else see Texas Chainsaw 3D dropping nine spots on the box office charts? I heard nothing but bad things from people about the film so no surprise there for me. The true box office winner really is A Haunted House. Made for $2.5 Million, it grossed $18 million. Yes, kiddies, you read that right. 8 and a half times what it it took to make it turned one hell of a profit. Which means, sequel. 

With the recent Oscar Nominations and the Golden Globe winners, expect to see the box office packed with the likes of Les Miserables, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Django Unchained, and Silver Linings Playbook. The Super Bowl for the movies is just a little over a month away and everyone is going to want to see all the contenders.  
















Zero Dark Thirty








A Haunted House








Gangster Squad








Django Unchained








Les Miserables








The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
















Parental Guidance








Texas Chainsaw 3D








Silver Linings PLaybook







This week we have two must see titles. The first is the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand. The other is a little horror flick called Mama.



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violator14 1/13/2013 9:47:43 PM

 Zero Dark Thirty was pretty good. Especially the Navy Seal scenes. Kathryn Bigelow is the Man!!

therockdltj 1/14/2013 1:10:52 AM

 Texas Chainsaw 3D was awesome! 

hanso 1/14/2013 3:05:00 AM

 I caught Silver Lining Playbook which I really liked.  That along with Django have been my faves from the best picture nominees though I've yet to see a few. 


Dazzler 1/14/2013 3:16:32 AM

I liked Gangter squad.  Kind of felt like Gotham city without Batman. 

Wiseguy 1/14/2013 3:54:32 AM

Not so quick with a sequel to A Haunted House, they probably spent at least 30mil on p&a so a quick nose dive may spare us. I say this without having seen the film.

hanso yeah I liked those 2 too but I still hold Lincoln and Les Miserables in higher esteem and Zero Dark Thirty although it won't win because of the whole torture controversy thing going on

Wiseguy 1/14/2013 4:05:23 AM

Btw we also have Broken City opening this week.

To be honest none of the 3 wide releases have me too excited but I will check Arnie out, just out of loyalty. The other 2 right now are question marks

hanso 1/14/2013 5:45:30 AM

 Wise, I havent seen Lincoln yet but i caught about half of Les Mis and while good I couldnt get past all the singing.  I know its a musical but I didnt think evry word in the script would be in song form.  I thought there would be regular dialog with a lot of musical numbers in between.  Also, i find Crowe singing to be weird.

goirish83 1/14/2013 5:49:01 AM

Zero Dark Thirty was a fantastic movie.  Jessica Chastain was definitly deserving of the Golden Globe win.  The torture scenes weren't that bad, and way too much was made out of them. 

shac2846 1/14/2013 6:54:15 AM

 Caught Django Unchained again on Sat. Still good. Enjoyed it on a second viewing. Then Sunday went and saw Zero Dark Thirty which was also exellent. And I agree with goirish that was the first thing I thought when I left the theatre. They're making a big deal out of this. But I don't know if it's the torture or the fact that it is based off true events and paints the CIA in a bad light at least according to people in congress. I never at any time felt bad for suspects being tortured especially after they admitted to being involved and flipped on some folks. Great film. 

ElBaz13 1/14/2013 6:54:44 AM

Ugh? So no dialogue in Les Mis at all?  Argh!

Not a fan of musicals and if they sing every second of the movie, I will pass on this one.

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