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theduck1980 7/30/2013 3:55:11 PM

Can't help but notice Pacific Rim seems to be on everyone's mind still.  I too feel fustrated at how poorly it's doing.  It hits every note it aims for perfectly & to those who criticize it for it's lack of depth in story or whatever, um.... really?  I went in there with a slushy n popcorn & saw exactly what I wanted.  I didn't want to be moved to tears! 

It's visuals left me jaw dropped from start to finish...  The audience clapped when the credits rolled.  Enough said!

I feel the problem is it looks too ridiculous to the average movie goer when you look at those trailers.   Sadly, for the first time in my life, I was forced to watch a movie alone with this one. 

@jedibanner.  Spot on, 3d didn't help at all.  I avoid it if at all possible... & my local cinemas stopped showing 3d just a few weeks in, leaving only 2d.  I saw it about 3 weeks after opening & it was packed.

Good news is it has finally passed its budget with Japan & china still to come.


phantomman 7/30/2013 6:54:12 PM

To me the problem with PacRim is that it goes for a very specfic audience.  You either have to be a Del Toro fan or a Godzilla type mega-monster movie lover.   If you arent one of those, odds are you are skipping it for Wolverine or Despicable me or Turbo or Red 2 or whatever.  Movies are too expensive nowadays to just go to any movie that pops out of the machine.

OmegaDean 7/30/2013 11:55:02 PM

The Wolverine suffers from the same issues as most of the mutant fair from 20th Century Fox. Under-powered mutants, stupid suppositions, and poor writing. Yet amazingly enough you won't find yourself choking on your own bile from throwing up in your mouth. Why you ask? Well that would be James Mangold's doing. He seemed to understand how to tell a character driven story. And by all that is divine not much could have been worse than the last Wolverine film. I can't praise this movie, but I won't destroy it either. I really wasn't mad that I saw this movie. The action is much better... the story much more intimate (even if predictable)... the movie much better directed... so if you are bored and want to watch a movie outside of your home and only if you haven't seen Pacific Rim, then go see The Wolverine. Just remember low expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised. That's as nice as I can be.

Dazzler 7/31/2013 3:52:20 AM

I saw Wolverine last night.  Good movie.  They seemed to force the love story a bit.  And it seems I was right about budget, they could have had a lower budget for this one for the story but they had to do the supervillian fortress at the end with heavy cgi.  It was like ok we are good for budget for first 3/ let cgi the rest of the movie for people that are ADD and destroy the villians as CGI as we can.  

ignitethepages 7/31/2013 5:19:10 AM

 Still haven't had a chance to catch The Wolverine, though I did see one at a zoo yesterday with my kids.  Hoping the movie is more entertaining than the animal.  

Like so many of you, I'm dissapointed by Pac Rim's numbers.  The acting wasn't great and niether was the story, but none of that mattered because it had GIANT ROBOTS fighting GIANT MONSTERS!  My inner child is still trying to pick his jaw off the floor.  

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