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Mooncrow 12/18/2012 11:50:27 PM

 I actually enjoyed the new look, but it did take about 10 minutes. 

I think they did step their game on fx already. Notably the trolls looked amazing to me.

kimbroo 12/19/2012 12:56:14 AM

 I don't go into the 3D gimmick thing.  I always watch the 2D version of movies in the theater, partly due to a visual impairment that makes 3D a headache for me to watch.  But alas, this is something that's going to have huge groups of people on both sides of the fence.  I can tell you this, what I saw was not at all like a soap opera.  I do appreciate the lesson though.  Ever since the 80's I've always wondered why a show like Cheers had a totally different look from a show like Different Strokes.

Wiseguy 12/19/2012 4:32:42 AM

From several pieces I've read the fans that have watched the hfr format have liked it, at least the majority. It's the critics that seem to be mostly against. So yeah the reaction is much more even than the bloggers would have you believe

Vorthe 12/19/2012 5:19:47 AM

 So I guess we should just stick to 24fps forever, and never innovate...  

While we are at it, let's go back to black and white, or better yet, cave art.

I agree that 3D is a gimmick.  This current attempt to make 3D mainstream is at least the third attempt, and it just doesnt give you enough bang for the buck, but there is no reason in this day and age to stick to a bare minimum frame rate of 24fps.  No reason.

Does the Hobbit look bad?  I think so too, but it seems to me much wiser to chalk that up to growing pains and expect the next movie to be better, and the next, etc.  The people talking about what a magical llusion 24fps creates really, really sound like old heads to me, defending the status quo.  

20 years from now, people are going to be watching their movies in 48, 72 or maybe even higher frame rates, and 24fps will be their "old" movies, and probably thought of as being primitive, the same way b&w films were for my generation growing up in the 80's.


SarcasticCaveman 12/19/2012 6:44:30 AM

 Innovation is fine, I just don't want it taking over the industry.  Again, glad so many people are enjoying it, but I'll be seeing it in regular 24 frame 2D on Christmas night...why?  Because I want to feel like I'm watching a movie, not COPS: In Middle Earth.

"Uh yeah, we got a call here...dispatch could hardly understand what the guy was saying...something about a baggins stealing a precious?...we're gonna check it out."

SarcasticCaveman 12/19/2012 6:49:27 AM

 One movie where (and I'm not sure if it was filmed at a higher frame rate, or recorded on video...either way, it looked like reality TV) a realistic style worked beautifully was a movie called "Series 7"...written during the first season of "Survivor", it's basically people chosen at random by social security number to kill each other on television...kind of like Hunger Games, but age had no bearing.  You either kill the other "contestants" or die yourself.  The different film rate worked great because it was SUPPOSED to look and feel like a reality show.  If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it.  I think it may have been direct to DVD, but well worth checking out.

violator14 12/19/2012 7:52:59 AM

 Hi guys. I just saw it again last night in HFR. I think I can honestly say I can see BOTH sides of the argument. Sometimes it does look like too much for like the subtle intimate scenes/soap opery and it was a bit distracting from the scene. However it was effing SPECTACULAR for the big action scenes and cgi effects! I was blown away at those scenes. It was sooooo real looking. Especially whenever characters such as Azog appeared, it seemed like he could really exist!

with that said, I think the way to go is to MIX the HFR shots where they work best ie big action shots, and use regular HD where the HFR doesn't work well. Bam problem solved.

for those who haven't seen it, I strongly suggest watching it in regular HD first, and then watch it again in 48fps so u can see what I mean

violator14 12/19/2012 8:02:06 AM

 Btw another good example of what I mean is that goblin cave action scene where Gandalf and the dwarves r trying to escape. It was totally awesome watching that scene in reg HD, but it was still a bit blurry and was hard to keep up with what was going on cuz there was so much going on, and hey we're all moving so fast.

however watching that scene again in 48 fps made a HUGE difference. U could see every goblins shiny lil head and every dwarf swinging their weapon at them. U could see every nuance and every motion which is very important for large action scenes like that. This is the future of action movies folks.

InnerSanctum 12/19/2012 5:26:14 PM

And, PJ likes the fact that you like his kid gimmicks.  It pads his wallet.  

kimbroo 12/19/2012 5:31:27 PM

 I would like to be able the check out the 48 without the 3D personally.  But that, again, is just my own issue with visual impairment.  There's is nothing wrong with innovation, as long as the old styles aren't lost.  

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