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violator14 12/21/2012 9:35:43 AM

 karas-I know what u mean about the falling from great heights thing. But you have to accept those kind of scenes as an amazing-fun movie coincidence. Like many scenes from Indiana Jones type adventures. It just happens to work out that way. They could have easily made the dwarves get to the bottom of the ravine in a much more believeable boring way, but they just wanted to make it more funny and awesome. Know what i mean? 

karas1 12/21/2012 6:36:11 PM

Violator, it seemed less like a fun action movie scene and more like a warner brothers cartoon.  I half expected Gandalf to start dropping anvils on the orcs.  For my taste they should have laughed a little less in the face of physics.

ddiaz28 12/24/2012 5:57:31 AM

I've got to admit I felt the same way karas.  I'm excellent at letting the ridiculous slide especially in fantasy and sci-fi films but that section of bridges staying together while falling and crashing hundreds of feet defintely pushed the limits and took me out of the film a bit.  Got over it quickly though and definitely loved the film as a whole.

I ended up seeing it in 48fps and enjoyed the experience.  There was definitely a period of acclimatization.  One thing that didn't go away for me was the perception that certain movements were sped up.  It was like all of a sudden someone would go into hyper speed for a few seconds.  That's just weird since technically you are seeing everything at the same speed.  They'll have to iron that out with the format.  I loved the look of it and the 3D really stood out in a good way. 

I hope to see it again in IMAX 24fps and compare the experiences.

HudsonTaco 12/24/2012 10:22:17 AM

  Saw it last night and loved it. I thought the 48 FPS was amazing, it was like looking at HD for the first time everything was so clear and sharp. Definately the best looking 3D by a large margin, if they haven't upgraded one of the theaters in my home town by next December I will be making the 2.5 hour trip to see part 2 in Calgary. 

Hookedonavengers2012 12/25/2012 10:33:16 PM

 i cant give an informed opinion on this subject yet but i will say that I loved HD tv when it came out although It made me not want to watch older movies which seemed to be blotchy.

I also watched alot of news programs before but after HD tv came into my life I ended up giving those programs up because watching a news show and seeing the clarity of the specialists face no matter what shape it was in was really distracting and not pleasant....

So I am saying HD changed my viewing habits..

Yall are kinda hinting change of viewing habits may be coming all over again...

Who wants to see a blemish at a trillion pixels and optical clarity!

lol...the age of better make up artists will have to happen first....

nuff' said

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