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Mania Exclusive: HULK VS THOR clip

Big green gives the thunder god a thrashing

By Rob M. Worley     January 14, 2009
Source: Mania

Mania Exclusive clip from HULK VS THOR (slideshow)
© Mania

The Incredible Hulk is back and doing what Hulk does best. And what does Hulk do best?


On January 27th, Hulk will smash indeed as Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Marvel Animation recalls two of the most titanic tussles in comics history in the DVD double feature 'Hulk Vs'!

Bruce Banner’s alter-ego takes on fan favorites Wolverine and Thor in two epic, all new, action-packed animated films -- 'Hulk Vs. Wolverine' and 'Hulk Vs. Thor.

And now Mania can exclusively preview this clip from the Jade Jaws savage smackdown of the God of Thunder, for you dear Maniacs.

SPOILER: This clip does contain a plot revelation. We haven't seen the whole film yet, so we're not sure if it blows the story for you or not. Press play with caution:



Oh yeah! We're going to be sitting ringside for the rest of that brawl. 'Hulk Vs' comes on January 27th, single-disc DVD, two-disc special edition DVD and Blu-Ray. Watch for more previews from 'Hulk Vs' right here on!


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mortellan 1/14/2009 1:44:36 AM

Awwww YEEEah!

EvilMonkey 1/14/2009 4:08:34 AM

Looks good, I particularily like the sounds of the hammer hits.


BTW - who are doing the voices in this one ?

Dazzler 1/14/2009 4:32:25 AM

Hulk stupid is so 80's.  I can't wait for a smart Hulk someday.  Once the writers figure that out the movies will hit. 

godsonfilm 1/14/2009 6:19:50 AM

Its not very smart to go into a rage and destroy things!  So, hulk being that way compliments the fit of rage that he is based on.  Its got to do with brains and which area does what... complicated.

goldeneyez 1/14/2009 6:47:13 AM

Saying "Hulk stupid is so 80's" is like saying wisecracking Spider-man is so 60's, boyscout Superman is so 50's, and world's greatest detective Batman is so cliche.  I wouldn't exactly call the Hulk stupid either (at least not to his face), it's just that the basic take on him is a creature that is driven by his emotions... you could also make the argument that "Smart Hulk" is so 90's, so... I don't know that's just my take on that comment, no disrespect meant by it either just adding to the discussion.

As far as the clip, that actually looks really good.  I like how they pitted Hulk vs. Thor plotwise.  That is a pretty good premise.

Wallace85 1/14/2009 7:00:55 AM


Can't wait for this bad boy

"Can't wait for a smart Hulk someday."-Huh they have in the 90's when he was Prof Hulk & he's smart again in Planet Hulk and War Hulk but not smart like he was in the 90's but still smart. 


lancedenier 1/15/2009 7:01:40 AM

Looks good Mort.  Too bad Branaugh is going to ruin the Thor movie.  :P

vlomski 1/15/2009 7:23:38 PM

That look's and sounds stupid, cheap, sophmoric, and a bit juvenile!

midnightson 1/15/2009 7:35:43 PM

I just wet myself looking at the clip.  Wow...



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