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DarthDuck 11/6/2008 8:37:25 PM

Bring it on!!  I want my Punisher pissed off and well armed!  This movie looks to be better than expected even if it does fall a step and a half or so behind Iron Man, Hulk etc.

wouldn't it be toss up hanso?  there's nothing to go over/under on.  toss up!   I like Punisher!

goodnight canada...

domino2008 11/6/2008 9:50:28 PM


yeah , this looks great . ya'll fprgot the 1st PUNISHER  back in 90' with that dude from ROCKY 4 who played the Russian FIGHTER . DOLPH LOUNDERN  or whatever that big dummy (lol) . that movie was very comicbookish an stupid , the last one with JANE  , quate from movie from a bad guy ....... YOUR REALLY DUMB ARENT YOU ............YES that movie was ...............looking forward to new movie !

ponyboy76 11/7/2008 2:03:47 AM

Dude, you be Bearly sober if you think Ray Stevenson and Alexander is going to ruin The Punisher. Put the Jesus juice down and pick up a Punisher comic, especially anything from the MAX series. Ray looks exactly like him and acts just like him.  TJ wasn`t a bad Frank Castle and I would have seen him in another one, but it didn`t happen. Henleigh`s movie was decent but I guarantee that this is going to be the TDK of the series.

hanso 11/7/2008 3:33:52 AM

It's toss up?  that's the one where they pick the percentages over something?  damn, whree the hell did I get over under from?

screw it let's go with Around the Horn's Buy or Sell.


bearly 11/7/2008 5:21:11 AM

Ponyboy76  since  Punisher War Zone is the third Punisher movie I think you meant to say Lexis' version is going to be the Matrix Revolution of the series.

As for Hanso, help me out buddy.  How did Max Payne perform? $17million?

So if Punisher War Zone makes more than Max Payne on it's opening weekend, then all of you can say I told you so.  And for the first time ever I will admit I am wrong.

But if it makes less, then everyone that disagreed with me will owe me Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

SgtTechCom 11/7/2008 5:57:55 AM

Thomas Jane is History. He's a great actor but the version they put him in was so not the Punisher. Im sorry. They screwed up tons of things the origin - Franks From NY - He was not a FBI agent he was a Marine eventually becoming a Navy Seal. His Wife and Child were not killed in Miami but in Central Park.  The 2004 movie was way to Soft and not brutal enough such as this one.

As far as a comic book transformation this is dead on. I love the villian Jigsaw and I can't wait for this movie. It's the Max Series to a T and Ray looks just like the Punisher of that comic.

DarthDuck 11/7/2008 6:08:29 AM

hanso, I'm buying The Punisher!

bearly, I'll take the over!  I'll go double.  Punisher will AT LEAST double Max Payne!!

hanso 11/7/2008 6:17:21 AM

Ok, so it's official. Here we go;

Buy or Sell, the Punisher: War Zone opens up bigger than Max Payne.

Darth is buying, Bearly is selling.  It hurts me to say this cause I was against Max Payne since they showed the vulture people but 'll go ahead and sell, since last Punisher made around $13 mil and even though the film looks better than the first one, I think even less people may be aware of Ray Stevenson.

SgtTechCom 11/7/2008 6:24:03 AM

Bearly wil be the only fool not going so heck with him . He sounds pretty delusional anyway lol

Like i said before 2004's version totally screwed up Frank's story. It was rushed and lame. Hey sorry thats how i feel a fan who actually reads the comics. I want something close if not identical to that. If your going to make a movie about it get it right !

So Im Buying..............Punisher has a better rep then max payne for starters and will more then double it's figures.



Wiseguy 11/7/2008 6:47:47 AM

The only thing that may hinder the Punisher is the R rating while MaxiPad had a pg13. But the Punisher is the only wide opening that week so that should help.

I say The Punisher beats Max

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