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BlindJustice 11/7/2008 11:38:33 AM

Don't forget HANSO that Punisher oppened against one of the Kill Bills so that may have been a factor in it's opening numbers. I doubt this will be against much..a holliday chick flick or two, that's about it.

I don't think it will double MP but it will open bigger for sure. Hell I'll be there for sure.

So true Sgt, not only did they screw up the location and  background of Castle but they had him walk out in public and announce he was alive. Punisher was a freakin Urban Legend, nobody knew for sure who he was cause he rarely left anyone behind that could ID him.



muchdrama1 11/8/2008 8:24:14 AM

Not sure I like Mr. Castle spinning from the chandelier while upside down. He's the Punisher. Not fucking Batman.

Freelyx 11/8/2008 11:27:57 AM

Well muchdrama, the spinning upside down from a chandelier is an obvious homage to 'The Boondock Saints' movie from a few years back where a couple of Boston Irish vigilante brothers took on crime in the the big city.  Its a great emotion and memory invoking scene that will no doubt push the adrenaline levels high when seen in context of the entire movie.

Put me down for the over guys, I think this film will certainly blow Max Pain out of his icy water.  The films listed so far for Castle to go up against are for that weekend;

'Frost/Nixon' (may pull a few history buffs and does have the bigger named actors in it [Kevin Bacon], but not to much competition IMHO)

'Extreme Movie' (Haven't heard of it, don't know about it at all.)

'Cadillac Records' (See above)

'Nobel Son' (Again, never heard of it.)

Now the weekend before that on the 26th of November the Transporter 3 opens.  Ray Stevens may break big with this film, but Jason Stathom already has a strong fan following and may hold top spot for two weeks running.  Still I predict Punisher War Zone will be much better than either of the preceding Punisher films.  That's not to take anything away from Thomas Jaine's Punisher though because in spite of the changes to the Frank Castle story, I did buy the DvD and enjoy the film.  However I do think a better adaptation of the true Frank Castle story is needed, and hold high hopes that this will be the one true Punisher film.

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