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Dazzler 8/28/2012 4:23:17 AM

Nice to see they did not mess with Shockwave's look.  Solid show.  They need to add lots more transformers on both sides, not generic/dup ones. 

xenomorph 8/28/2012 5:40:13 AM

I'm glad that they finally added Shockwave. Now all they need to do is add Hotrod and the Dinobots.

jsmulligan 8/28/2012 5:46:29 AM

 The toyline has added a few characters.  I'm hoping that means they will be expanding the cast some and not just just producing random people who won't appear like the movie line did.  Only real complaint about this show is that the cast has remained so small.  Core group can remain smallish, but having some more periphial characters like Wheeljack would be nice.  (The fact that they cheat to keep the animation simpler by spending so much time in the middle of nowhere is another, but that's minor.)

DarthBob 8/28/2012 6:09:11 AM

They look like robots unlike Bay's which look like walking junk yards.

DarthoftheDead 8/29/2012 7:07:36 PM

Shockwave looks awesome!!! and I agree with DarthBob 100%



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