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Mania Giveaway- Doctor Who Give Away Contest

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MANIA GIVEAWAY- Doctor Who Give Away Contest

But we're not just giving it away!

By Robert T. Trate     December 12, 2008

The Doctor (played by Peter Davison, Doctor Who from 1981-1984) and the current Doctor (David Tennant) meeting during "Time Crash".
© Trate


To commemorate the fourth of season of Doctor Who being released on DVD Warner Brothers, The BBC and Mania are having a very special contest. The contest is pretty simple. All you have to do is be really creative. Come up with your own Doctor Who episode. It has to feature the current Doctor (David Tennant) and any one of the other Doctors (William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, etc)from the show’s long and illustrious career. On the fourth season DVD there is a too short meeting between the 11th Doctor and the 5th Doctor (Peter Davison). Plus the final episode of the fourth season featured yet another character calling himself the Doctor. This got us thinking, the Doctor is a time traveler and he’ll probably come in contact with himself again. What story would you tell given the chance?
Give us your title, pitch and synopsis in this comment section. We will pick the best three, then announce the winners and put their stories on Mania in one week’s time. We will get in contact with you via your Mania account if you are one of the winners.  So what are you competing for? Well, besides bragging rights and showcasing your creativity, the following:

Third Place: Dr. Who Interactive Sonic and Laser Screwdriver Set

These are perfect for your next costume party or for Comic Con. You cannot be the Doctor without your own Sonic Screwdrivers.

Second Place: Dr. Who Dalek Hybrid Voice Changer Mask

This is yet another great piece for dressing up for Halloween or Comic Con. This Dalek Hybrid voice changer helmet is by Underground Toys and perfect for freaking out your neighbors or family.

First Place: Dr. Who 18 inch Voice Interactive Dalek

The grand prize is an 18 inch Voice Interactive Dalek. The baddest of bad will be yours to control.
Watch the “Time Crash” segment here for inspiration and good luck!


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Dazzler 12/12/2008 5:00:05 AM

Get away from it all.

The Dr goes on vacation to unwind from saving the universe again.

The Dr ends up on planet Upinya where your desires manifest into reality.  The world encompasses many galaxies so many different types of species of the female type (and a few male types) try to pick up on the Dr who does not give them the time of day.  So what could go wrong on a planet where dreams come true?  Sometimes they bring nightmares also. 

Guest starring Tom Baker who mentors the Dr about his feelings from recent events. 

vonkarolinas 12/12/2008 6:04:07 AM



The locking mechanism that ensures the doors to the TARDIS remain firmly sealed during travel fail to release.  The Doctor (Tennant) goes an a "scavenger" hunt of the numerous control rooms in the TARDIS to find a way to release the doors.  Along the way he encounters who else, but the Doctor (Troughton).  The Doctor (Troughton) it turns out is trying to track down a Cybeman who managed to slip aboard and is hiding out in the vast insides of the TARDIS in an attempt to sabotage the vessel.  The duo team up to find the Cyberman and repair the TARDIS.


Starring David Tennant and Patrick Troughton.

larkcall_home 12/12/2008 6:54:28 AM

Title – There’s a hole in my pocket…

Pitch/Log Line
The pocket universe is collapsing. The human Doctor and Rose Tyler send a communication in an attempt to elicit help from the Doctor of the "real" universe with unexpected results. Shortly, the TARDIS appears, but an older somewhat familiar person emerges.

Rose Tyler and the human Doctor (now called Dr. John Smith) now live a mundane and inconspicuous (but happy) life together. She runs a corner florist and news stand; he lends his services in a local walk in clinic. But they are pulled from their unobtrusive lives when “Time Quakes” start causing minor, but noticeable, changes to the world/universe. Dr. John Smith hypothesizes that the cause of the quakes may also cause the pocket universe to “burst” and come to an end, taking its occupants with it. With Rose’s help he constructs a communication device to try and contact the Doctor in the “real” universe. Shortly, the TARDIS appears, but instead of a Doctor stepping out that looks just like Dr. John Smith, they are shocked when a much older, taller man steps out dressed in a big frock coat and an impractically long, multicolored striped scarf. As Rose and the Doctor stand dumbfounded another Time Quake occurs. This causes the newly arrived Doctor’s close to shift to a variation of an Edwardian cricket uniform, complete with a cream-colored frock coat, striped trousers; also for some reason a celery stalk is pinned to the lapel. The newly arrived doctor (we will now call 4th Doctor) curses. He takes out a device, and after some manipulation, his appearance reverts back. Dr. John Smith quickly surmises that this Doctor already knows about the problems and may be on his way to a solution.

(Will have to speed this up with less detail or it will be too big for the posting…)

4th Doctor states that he did already discover the problem. Apparently the “insert techno-babble” energy is somehow being drained from this universe. He has been trying to locate the cause. He and Dr. John smith get to work on locating the source of the drain.

During their collaboration the conversation turns to the 4th doctor. It seems as though this is the Doctor from the pocket universe. In this universe the 4th Doctor never encountered any events that would trigger a regeneration, so he just continued aging (great mechanism for allowing aged Tom Baker to reprise role).

After finding a source location for the problems 4th Doctor, Dr. John Smith, and Rose jump in the TARDIS and are off. They materialize in space to find a giant opening between the pocket universe and the “real” universe being held open by an enormous structure. Some type of visible energy is moving through the opening.

It seems that the “Insert alien race here” are gathering the energy to fuel a war with the “Insert other race alien here”. The group materialize on the structure and are promptly captured.

When the group is put in a holding cell they find the Doctor already there! As it turns out, The Doctor (from the “real” universe) had noticed the influx of energy and run to the scene. With the doctor being added to the group they devise a way to escape, and a plan to collapse the hole between universes. After much Tomfoolery, they align the 2 TARDISes on either side of the hole and “Insert Techno-babble here”. This destroys the enormous structure and collapses the hole. During the course of all of this though, the 4th Doctor takes some damage and is just barely able to complete the mission. After the hole is closed he collapses and regenerates into the 5th Doctor.


Knightsong 12/12/2008 7:12:29 AM

In the spirit of the Holiday season I would do a variation of the story of the Christmas Carol.

The Doctor is alone aboard the Tardis when it is suddenly thrust into a paradoxial wormhole. As he's fighting to pull the Tardis out of it everything suddenly becomes still and K-9 appears telling him that this wormhole has captured him because something the Doctor has done in his past will upset the future, causing him to become The Master. The Doctor is skeptical of the whole event believing it to be a dream, but K-9 leave's him a single image of the future. K-9 tells the Doctor not to ignore this warning because the future is closer than he thinks. From the single image the doctor must deduce what he has done in his past that will doom his future. and attempt fix it. As he travels from time-line to time-line and makes changes the picture alters itself leaving him new clues as where to go next..

Guest stars would include all the Doctors and an array of companions from journeys past. I'd see this more as almost a three part episode in the new format, rather than just a single show. I could see the show taking the doctor not only into his past but into the lives of his companions and see what effect he had on them after they left him. The final result of the show would leave the doctor with a repared future not only for himself, but for those whom he's traveled with. Perhaps he might have even fixed things enough so that he could return to Rose. I know some of the Doctors and companions from series past might have to be re-cast because they might be far too old or even dead, but I think you could pepper the story arc with enough originals to make it a very memorable event.

Rikathos 12/12/2008 9:01:29 AM

Summoning the Storm

The Pitch
When the Doctor receives a distress call from within the Tardis it leads him into the middle of a Dalek armada poised to use the event horizon from his destroyed planet Gallifrey to power their domination of all time. Held in the clutches of Davros a previous incarnation Of the Doctor will shortly be forced to reveal all of his secrets and that of the Time Lords. Alone and outnumbered with the fate of the Universe in the balance the Doctor makes a fateful decision to summon help.

The Doctor (David Tennant) receives a distress call from inside the Tardis.
He travels through the previous control rooms until he discovers one with its doors wide open and the control panels smashed and smoking a single light beneath the controls flashes.
Venturing out through the doors the Doctor discovers a Dalek Battle ship just outside the event horizon of what was his home planet Gallifrey. He makes another discovery as well The Doctor (McCoy) is held prisoner by Davros. Unable to free himself and realizing that the Daleks intend to tear his mind apart to discover all of His and the Time Lord’s secrets the Doctor (Tennant) races to the Tardis. Once inside he modifies the lone beacon light at the controls with his sonic screwdriver. He hesitates for a brief moment and flicks the switch.
The Tardis lurches and he is thrown across the floor away from the controls. The Center column glows and moves. One by one each of his previous incarnations faces appear above the column. They ask what is going on and admonish The Doctor for breaking several rules of Time. Quickly The Doctor (Tennant) explains the reason for his actions. They agree that they must act. The Tardis does not have the power to pull any of the Doctor’s older incarnations back however it does have just enough to pull back one. Appearing from the other side of the control panel steps The Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) who helps the Doctor (Tennant) to his feet.
The Two then set out to free the other Doctor and send the Dalek Armada straight into the Black Hole.

Jakester 12/12/2008 10:01:33 AM

I've got an idea involving a four way with Tavid Tennant, Chris Eccleston, Kylie Minogue and Billie Piper...

It doesn't really matter how everyone got on board the T.A.R.D.I.S, does it?  I know you can already picture it in your mind.

Drewseifu 12/12/2008 11:12:32 AM


Begins with the 7th Doctor (do I really need to say who?) Landing in his TARDIS with companion Ace. As they step out to explore their new surroundings and alarm sounds from inside the TARDIS. The Doctor panics and rushes back inside as he shouts to Ace "Wait for me here I'll be right Back!!!" The TARDIS dematerializes and Ace takes a forced seat on a nearby rock observing the Alien landscape the Doctor has left her on.

Now we go to current Doctor with current companion (who knows?) relaxing in the TARDIS lounge.(they really should show more of the inside of the TARDIS!) playing cards. Throughout their game the Doctor keeps getting Aces. The companion keeps mentioning it until the word Ace keeps repeating in his head. Then he suddenly remembers!!! "Ace!!!!" he shouts as he dashes to the control room and plots a course.

Back where Ace was left shes still sitting on the rock maybe an hour later as the TARDIS reappears. "Finally, its about time Profess..." she starts as the current Doctor steps out from inside. "hey now! who're you?!" shouts Ace as the Doctor gives her that look of "c'mon figure it out..."  She does and the rest writes itself!!!

I do have more ideas to add to it but I'll have to win first!!! :)

larkcall_home 12/12/2008 11:58:37 AM

Hey, I like that one.  Nice idea Drewseifu.

jedifromlamancha 12/12/2008 2:52:09 PM

It starts with Donna Noble randomly encountering the 10th doctor. The doctor tries to avoid her as she should not remember him and does not want her to regain her memory as it would destroy her mind. Donna's memory does come back, and she seems fine, which surprises the doctor. She pleads with him to take her on one final adventure, and the doctor reluctantly accepts.

While on board the TARDIS, Donna takes control of the TARDIS and imprisons the doctor. She takes him to an abandoned facility and keeps him captive. She then presents a jar of ashes to the doctor and explain that they belong to the Master. Donna is in fact the Rani who was in hiding, as the doctor and master had done previously. She intends to wound the doctor enough to cause a regeneration and use that energy to bring the Master back, and eventually start a new Time Lord Empire.

Meanwhile, the seldom seen 8th doctor is travelling and his TARDIS gets pulled off course. It materializes in the facility where the Doctor is being held, and he proceeds to rescue the 10th doctor and stop the Rani from carrying out her plan. He is able to stop her from resurrecting the Master, but the Rani does wound the 10th doctor and he rejenerates into doctor #11.


lracors 12/12/2008 5:43:49 PM
Title: Memory Lock Pitch: The Doctor finds his former self in a pitched battle for his life force. Can The Doctor save his past self while fighting the fatigue of lost memories and a draining life force? <P>The Doctor and Donna are presently on Earth present day.  They are in Cardiff to refuel, while doing so they go to explore since this time it will take several hours.  No sooner to they leave the TARDIS when they are interecepted by Unit, who tells them that they need him immediately to assist in a project.  The Doctor and Donna go with Unit and are lead into a chamber where there is a suspended Doctor (3rd) floating in some energy field.</P><BR /> <P />Commander John Stewart identifies himself as the son of a retired Brigadier Stewart, and Martha Jones also enters to say hello to the Doctor.  There are some awkward moments as she scrutinizes Donna.  The Doctor gets to work analyzing the field around the 3rd Doctor and is puzzled even more so when he feels his life-force ebbing, which causes him to black out, then the 3rd Doctor wakes up and the field around him leaves.  He is confused and puzzled as to where and when he is he looks at John and calls him Brigadier but then (clearly out of it) he engineers an escape and runs out of the room.</P><BR /> <P />Soon after the 3rd Doctor left, the Doctor wakes up but feels like there is a problem with the life-force energy that is sifoning his earlier self and it's affecting him.  The Doctor goes after his younger self and in the process comes across the TARDIS, but this is the younger TARDIS as evidenced when he enters it.  He is confused also, because he cannot remember these events from his past.  He is able to reconstruct the data of what happened from the TARDIS sensors.</P><BR /> <P />His younger self when through a (technobabble) and force landed to his nearest energy signature (his current self).  After landing the 3rd Doctor emerged and collapsed surrounded by the energy field surrounding the TARDIS.  The Doctor figures out that this is a life form that has integrated itself into his younger self and is now feeding off of him.</P><BR /> <P />Meanwhile, a completely out of it 3rd Doctor gets loose in Cardiff.  Martha Jones catches up with him and manages to slowly befriend him.  He has some silly moments as he exhibits traits of himself and the prior two doctors, even pulling out a flute.  Once in a while, the entity in him comes forth and tells Martha that there is nothing she can do that he will consume the life form.  The 3rd Doctor is clearly fighting to maintain control but he is hallucinating and seeing enemies of the past everywhere he is going and it basically becomes a race against time as The Doctor tries to determine what the entity is and how to get rid of it.</P><BR /> <P />Eventually he does and the 3rd Doctor collapses from the stress.  The Doctor puts him in the Tardis and sets the auto control for a destination that he remembers from his past, how he passed out for just a moment then arrived where he wasn't expecting.  Smiling the Doctor muses, "Now I know why... It was myself... BRILLIANT."</P>
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