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br003 12/12/2008 7:10:44 PM

Return to Glory


Plot overview:


The doctors evil incarnation (aka The Valeyard) frees all the timelord criminals on Shada (the time lords prison) in a effort to start Gallifrey anew. The Doctor and Donna Noble (whose thought processess have been stabilized by the Ood) along with the new Master hunt these criminals as they search for a new planet in which to start a Time Empire. 

[Long seaon arc] Different planets with familair timelord faces like the Rani and the Meddling Monk.

[Short arc] The focus would be the Earth

I'd like to see Pierce Brosnan as the Valeyard or Timothy Dalton, and maybe Maybe Keira Knightly as the doctors daughter (not the clone one) or granddaughter.

GhaleonZero 12/13/2008 4:30:39 AM

"Slasher Flick"


The good Doctor discovers that someone, or something, is killing off Doctors of past and future. Racing through time, the killer seems to be one step ahead of the doc. Teaming up with those he can get to in time (of course, those would be the past doctors who could still be cast in the parts) and a couple of future docs (perhaps pre-casting for a future replacement doc?), things seem to point to the killer being.... one of them....

mellowdoux 12/13/2008 9:23:54 AM

Title: The Explosive Gambit


Synopsis: The Doctor travels back in time and encounters his second incarnation on a far away planet who, for secretive reasons, is up to no good. The Doctor realizes that these nefarious plans will upset the flow of the time stream and he has no alternative but to blow up his second incarnation before the secretive plans (which we spoke about a minute ago) come to fuition.


Unfortunately, the second incarnation of the Doctor realizes that the current Doctor is trying to blow him up, so he counters and tries to blow up the current Doctor first. He fails because Rose Tyler (by way of an interdimensional time displacer) turns up in the nick of time and blows up the explosives that the second incarnation of the Doctor was using to blow up the current incarnation of the Doctor.


The second Doctor escapes to Skaro.


Things take a complex turn when the current incarnation of the Doctor pursues the second incarnation and runs into the fourth icarnation of himself at Davros' bunker, attempting to blow up the mutants that will ultimately become the Daleks. Both current and second incarnations of the Doctor agree that this is genocide, and team up to blow up the fourth incarnation before he can blow up the Daleks. Rose Tyler is horrified by this turn of events and, realizing that the blowing up of the fourth incarnation of the Doctor will have even worse ramifications on the time stream, decides she has no alternative but to blow up the second and current incarnations.


Suddenly Harry Sullivan (who everyone had forgot about because... well... he was boring) bursts in blows up Rose Tyler. But then he realizes she was hot, and while he saved two incarnations of the Doctor, he inadvertantly blew up a really hot chick. In a fit of depression, he blows himself up.


The fourth incarnation of the Doctor suddenly cottons on to the multiple attempts to blow him up, and escapes using the time ring that he still has because this part is taking place during the events of 'Genesis of the Daleks'... he arrives on the Cyberman infested ship of 'Earthshock', just in time to see Adric blow up. He laughs (because frankly, that was funny and Adric should have been blown up ages ago) and escapes again with the other two incarnations of himself in hot pursuit.


Meanwhile, a galactic war is raging between the Sea Devils, the Sontarans, the Nimon and the green one-eyed bloke from 'City of Death'. It seems that the one-eyed green bloke is trying to egg the Sontarans to blow up the Sea Devils because of an incident with seafood that left him doubled over the toilet for three days. The Sontarans don't go for it and instead make a bogus phonecall to the Nimon, diguising their voices to sound like the green one-eyed bloke, in the hope that the Nimon will get pissed off, go around to the green one-eyed bloke's house and blow him up.


Enter the fourth Doctor and his pursuing incarnations who realize it's time to team up and put an end to all the blowing up before someone loses an eye.


Then things take a real twist when they discover that Rose Tyler ISN'T dead after all, and it was HER who actually started the war between the Sea Devils, the Sontarans, The Nimon and the green one-eyed bloke from 'City of Death'. It all ties back to a deal she made with Lytton, the Dalek duplicate, who wanted to see the Green one-eyed bloke get blown up.


A bunch of stuff happens after that, and it all races to an exciting climax with the entire universe about to be blown up.
We never do find out what the second Doctor was up to at the beginning of the story though, because frankly that would spoil a cracking good mystery.

tombaker 12/13/2008 1:18:22 PM

1st idea:

Doctors: David Tennent and the 8th Doctor Mcgann (i cant remeber his name so well as it was just that one special, and the books).... and a special regeneration appearance by chris eccelstein

Premise: Explain the 8th doctors regeneration into the 9th (chris eccelstein) and the time war.


The doctor hoping to bring back the time lords and stop the last great time war from happening.

Although he wishes to stop it all  the 10th doctor ends up back fighting the time war again and trying to change things behind the scenes nad in front of the scenes.... he ends up realizing that hte only thing he can do is what had already happened... thus he does his best for a "least worst" future hoping that there will be a change. However, in the end after he believes all has been corrected mcgann (8th doctor) must make the same grueling decision that was already made in the 10th doctors past and blows up the dalek and time lords ships... and in the process he is hurt and regeneratese as the tardis saves him from certain death


also, the doctors are fighting together and they realize

tombaker 12/13/2008 1:23:11 PM

2nd idea

"the other"

premise: explain the mysterious "other" taht helped omega and rasallon discover time travel

synopsis: it has been covered in the dr who literature but it needs to be on the screen for it to be cannon.

here the "other doctor" who could be the doctor who in the christmas special who develoepd time travel in the first place ends up on galafray and in order for him to get back to his family and friends in his time/space he helps them develop time travel to help his tardis. after helping him he sees that rasalon is not someone to be trusted and as in the book is made to throw himself into the womb or whatever it is called where hte time lords all come from... he is then brought back in the "future' as the original willian hartnell doctor

tombaker 12/13/2008 1:28:07 PM

2nd idea addition... 10th doc would be there to help as well, but it would be the "other" that sacriafices himself into the woon or whatever it is called... its been a long day and my memory is not working so well

3rd idea...

the other premise again as above, but the other is now the david tennet doctor that stayed with rose in the alternate universe... they have a child and a granddaughter and the doctor brings her back to galafray to grow up a time lord as she has some time lord charatceristics... he finds a way to come back to the original universe and pre time war... where he and his granddaughter susan try to make a life and where she can grow and learn, her coming at a strange time would explain why she was the youngest on galafray at the time she left with the doctor before the series began. also, it would explain why the doctor is half human because his mother IS FROM EARTH as catherine tate was an earthilng in the series (which she did a great job on i may add)

now, you may ask, where does the other doctor come in, this could be in where the first willian hartnell "regenerates' from him in the future, or the doctor uses his telepathic connection to get an older doctor as well like tom baker or pertwee to use their skills to help him save "their" granddaughter. Pertwee may be the best as he was the most chilverous and would do things like that to save someone

tombaker 12/13/2008 1:31:33 PM

4th idea:

david and colin baker get togehter...

dave tells colin he is getting out of control and he needs to find a way to control himself or else no one knows what will come....

this deep conversation and an adventure thrown in where colin baker goes beyond what even his doctor would do wakes up his true self that had been affected by the rani or master or whoever that made him so uncontrolable...

it could be retconned into the episode where he regenerates as the doctor decides that he is best off letting the regeneration come and be a fully in contorl time lord instead of his hurting others...

best part... colin baker can wear the purple outfit fromt he books instead of the not so good one he had in the tv series

7vonday 12/15/2008 12:16:26 PM



Once again the Tardis malfunctions while traveling through the void of time.
Sending the good Doctor (David Tennant) back to an all too familiar place, Skaro, (The Once Home World of the Darleks) now just clumps of continents held together by a magnetic field. There in the center of the debris world fading in and out of existence he finds something that was suppose to be destroyed eons ago. Something timeless, something that was shattered in our time and now exists outside time as we know it:

“The Hand of Omega”

Upon touching its starlight echoing remains the past collides with the future as a Doctor (Tom Baker) from long-ago is doing the exact same thing after being coroneted President of the Time Lords. Given a scepter housing The Hand of Omega that existed then, in our time on anther now decimated world, Gallifrey, (Home World of The Time Lords). After meeting eachother on the
cloistral astroplan (a place between the existence and none-existence of time) they found out they were not the first Time Lords to make it there. The two Doctors find out a plot to recreate Time in the Universe in the Image of one, The Master. Thought to be dead he has now aligned himself with the two most unlikely species:

The Sontarans
(To deal with the mercenary Judoon, police)


And an Ancient Race hidden in full cloak
(The Quantum Locked)
Weeping Angels
(They exist in all time)

One race he has promised eternal battle,
The other, the lifting of a primordial curse.

Together the two Time Lords race between time to try and destroy the existence of the Hand of Omega once and for all. Before the master and his new found friends get a hole of it.


Thelev 12/16/2008 8:44:18 PM

tombaker beat me to it, but this is how I would have pitched it:

David Tennant is in the control room of the Tardis when the blue police box materializes inside the control room.  The Doctor says "What?!?", then attempts to open the blue box with the Tardis key to no avail.  After the failed attempt to open the blue box, the door opens and a woman exits the blue box.  Again, the Doctor says, "What???"

Roll opening credits.

The woman who exited the other Tardis turns out to be Romana (regenerated since the last time we saw her), who used the hole in the time lock of the Time War created by Dalek-Caan to escape the Time War to find the Doctor.  The Tardis she has is one of the newer models.  She set the chameleon circuit to the blue police box to help convince the Doctor of who she is.  Her mission is to bring the Doctor back into the Time War because the Daleks were able to close the Eye of Harmony, which the 8th Doctor opened to destroy the Daleks and Time Lords and end the Time War.

The Doctor reluctantly accepts and joins Romana in her Tardis back to the Time War.  There we see the great citadel of Galifrey under siege, the glass dome cracked and Dalek ships entering it.  We also see Paul McGann's Doctor open the Eye of Harmony (without seeing David Tennant's Doctor), which engulfs him in time vortex energy and David Tennant's Doctor pulls him back and takes him to the Tardis.  There Paul McGann regenerates to Chris Eccleston.  David Tennant goes back and fights the Daleks and re-opens the Eye of Harmony, and ends up in the Tardis with Chris Eccleston's Doctor.  He barely manages to escape in the Tardis by cutting off its power source from the Eye of Harmony.  Romana is left behind and perishes with the Time Lords and Daleks.

The Tardis materializes in Cardiff, right next to the Tardis that David Tennant left behind when joining Romana.  Chris Eccleston's Doctor awakens and the two Doctors have a brief discussion about the Time War and what the younger Doctor did to end it.  David Tennant's Doctor never reveals who he is.  David Tennant then leaves the Tardis and solemnly walks to his own Tardis, snaps his finger to open the door.  David Tennant enters his Tardis and it dematerializes.

The End.

mitchel42 12/17/2008 10:00:31 AM

The 10th Doctor travels to San Francisco 1999, slaps the 8th Doctor across the face for being so lame, gets back in the TARDIS and disappears.  Shortest Doctor Who episode ever.

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