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7vonday 12/22/2008 3:58:19 AM


After buying a snowglob in the window of an antique shop The Doctor (David Tennant ) becomes obsessed with its origins as it is an exact replica of the known and unknown universe. After touching the glob his Time Lord essance slowly unlocks its secret as a Tardis demiterailizes within the Tardis exiting anther one of his predessors The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy). Together they find out that part of the consequences of a Time Lords regeneration eventually ends up in the Temporal Paradox. By him touching the glob he inadvertently opened the door letting out that in witched he’d trapped:


The Toclafane


Realizing the only way to defeat them is to close the paradox by seperating the two Tardis’s. The only problem is they find out that there is a third Tartis hidden within the second. Within that Tardis holds the secrets of the Toclafane’s orgins, and how the last of the human race at the end of the universe became spheres bent on destruction with the reintroduction of:


The Rani


Trapped in her Tardis in a dying universe the last remnants of humanity found her in search of "Utopia". Still bent on biochemistry she minipulated them into becoming The Toclafane by driving them insane and altering their genitic code. Now free to pick up where she left off, without the interferance of the Time Lords Council. The Doctor and The Doctor must stop at nothing to stop her from doing this to all of humanity. Even if it means destroying the Tardis itself.

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