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Mania Giveaway: WINNER! THE SPIRIT pop-up graphic novel

A graphic novel novelty popping in and up just in time for the movie!

By Rob M. Worley     December 23, 2008

THE SPIRIT giveaway (slideshow)
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Update: We're drawing a winner tomorrow so if you haven't jumped in yet, this is your last day to do so...

He's on his way...

In case you haven't heard, Will Eisner's groundbreaking comic 'The Spirit' is headed or the big screen in the form of a new movie directed by Eisner's protoge, Frank Miller. Starring Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson and Eva Mendes, the film opens in theaters December 25th.

But that's not the only adaptation of Eisner's comic strip to be had.

Insight Editions have created "The Spirit by Will Eisner, a Pop-up Graphic Novel".

Born from shadow and mystery, Will Eisner’s deathless hero returns in a re-creation of the The Spirit’s final two issues. "The Spirit: a Pop-Up Graphic Novel" spins a noir tale of blackmail, murder, and espionage innovatively rendered in seven full color pop-up spreads. Reborn, The Spirit breaks out of the conventional comic book frame, animating the vigor and dynamism of Eisner’s original vision. Designed by renowned paper engineer Bruce Foster, creator of The Pop-up Book of Celebrity Meltdowns and designer of the Caldecott-nominated Little Red Riding Hood, Will Eisner’s The Spirit: A Pop-Up Graphic Novel breathes vibrant new life into Eisner’s gritty narrative.

THE SPIRIT pop-up book

"The Spirit: A Pop-Up Graphic Novel" includes an immense array of interactive features. Each scene comes alive with expansive panoramic cityscapes, three-dimensional action sequence pop-outs, frame-by-frame expanding mini-booklets, and scene-change pullouts. Re-colored and ingeniously renovated, the novel design animates the vigorous action of The Spirit’s final exploits with an inventiveness that matches Eisner’s original imagination. From the noir aficionado to the comic book enthusiast, fans will celebrate this recasting of Eisner’s masterpiece that heralds a new interactive format for sequential art.

Now Mania has one copy of the book to give to one of our fellow Maniacs! How do you win? It's easy:

When the world believed Denny Colt had been killed, the detective took on the identity of The Spirit, defending Central City from the shadows as it's greatest crime-fighter. Tell us what YOU would do if the world believed you were dead. How would you restart your new life? Would you serve the greater good? Would you find some other purpose? Would you have a cool code-name like THE SPIRIT?

Post your answers in the comments below. Include your reborn name and mission.

We'll give everyone ONE WEEK to enter and announce a winner on December 23rd!



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Wesman 12/16/2008 6:34:27 AM

Call me the Wanderer! I would simply set out-on foot and travel the great United States and Canada. Then work my way through Mexico to South America. Living day to day, working odd jobs and volunteering where needed. It would be awesome to be independent of a structured lifestyle!

Awkwardj 12/16/2008 9:19:28 AM

am I the only one that wants this movie to rock?

vassago41301 12/16/2008 9:46:11 AM

I would be Galdersorg, King of the Norwegian Mountains! I would have either a Sasquatch or a Yheti for a sidekick and rule the mountains of Norway!

SaintDemon 12/16/2008 10:04:59 AM

Not to hate, but if that pop-up book is the one I'm thinking of then its crap. The only reason I would classify it as that is for the changes it makes to the Spirit's side kick. In the original comics The Spirit had a street wise African-American side kick. The only issue with the side kick however is that he is drawn with all the menstral stereotypes from the days of Uncle Tom's Cabin. The pop-up book counteracts this by making him blonde haired, blue eyed, and white. I'm not saying that the portrayl of this character in the image form is good, but Eisner was praised for the use of an early African American character that was worthy of being a role model. I might be incorrect here as I am not familiar with all the Spirit stories, but still making the character Arian for the sake of the little kiddies just seems as raciest and inappropriate as the character as Eisner drew him.

trafficbaron 12/16/2008 1:36:57 PM

I would be Dayman.  Fighter of the Nightman.  Champion of the Sun.  Master of Karate... friend to every one.

RaM1Lo 12/16/2008 4:35:21 PM

i would be The Vagabond:

 Walking the land, taking on a new identity with each stop, righting wrongs where i can then moving on (as plaintive music plays in the background or in my head)....

Think Kwai Chan Kane missing the martial arts training.

Think David Banner minus the MENSA level intellect or gamma irradiated alter-ego

Think Jerod (The Pretender) sans the high I.Q. and the chameleon-like personality

Think B.J. without The Bear (the semi and the Landers sisters)

Moving on....

br003 12/16/2008 5:09:39 PM

Unless I had some super power, I don't think it would be worth it. Denny Cot had detective skills, I got couch potato skills.

CHAMP 12/17/2008 12:46:46 AM

I would inflitrate the Hollywood Inner Sanctum as Rex Remington, fighting my way through the execs and producers,

all the way to the top to become:

                                     THE MOST POWERFUL STUDIO HEAD IN ALL OF HOLLYWOOD!

Then I would possess the greatest greenlight exceptional movies to serve the greater good of the hard

working people, and give them their 12 bucks worth! DOWN WITH THE TRIPE AND THE UNINSPIRED!

w3s 12/17/2008 5:52:45 AM

ummm if i were believed dead and could do anything i would prolly just continue on doing what i'm doing.  which is super secret spy work, i can't tell you or i'd have to kill you

gwarlockvance 12/17/2008 11:03:07 AM

I would try to resume my place in the "normal" world by continuing to teach college courses by day - then at night I'd fight crime as THE ZEPHYR.  I'd be a distant cousin to THE SHADOW with powers of invisibility and with a penchant for whup-ass on the bad guys.

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