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monkeyfoot 9/4/2013 7:32:30 AM

Sackhoff is obviously a great beauty -IMHO- but her fun and bright personality that I see and read in interviews just shines out.  I think she's wonderful!

mlaforce 9/4/2013 8:09:53 AM

I'm attracted to her last name for some reason, can't really pin point what exactly but something pulls me in and makes me feel all warm and comfortable when I think of her last name...I was gagging so I want you to take your Sackhoff my chin, no way baby we have not gotten to the good part yet...

makabriel 9/4/2013 2:12:46 PM

 That's just crude now, MLA...  Not that I'm surprised or anyone will do anything about it.



mlaforce 9/4/2013 3:07:06 PM

I'm very happy you found that very desturbing and offensive or did I miss the scarcasm some where along the way?

phantomman 9/4/2013 8:43:14 PM

lol what's anybody gonna do?  it's admittedly juvenile high school humor, but it was funny.  half the people around here now have their avatars sporting lots of T&A and you're worried about a simple crude joke? lol


Miner49er 9/4/2013 8:51:07 PM

Met Katee at our local comic con two years ago. Great gal. Had a nice chat with her. Wish her all the best. Looking forward to Riddick.

conundrum 9/5/2013 2:15:33 PM

I've never met Katie, but I met Vin some years back.  He's nothing like the on screen personas he plays, not in the least.  He's the warmest, friendlist, most positive person you'd ever meet.  I wish more celebs were like him.

domino2008 9/5/2013 8:44:33 PM

Diesel fought hard for Riddick to come back to the screen a d after 10 years He made it happen. It may not be a great film , but should be entertaining .



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