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Davewriter 1/22/2013 8:30:36 AM

THANKS for the interview!

It's great to hear that Remo & Chuin will be seeing action again.  They have been away for too long.

This has always been a fun series (with a few ghost written clunkers thrown in) but I alway found the interplay between the two charactors to be wonderful.  What started out as two men forced to work together, that turned into a father & son dynamic was an enteresting dynamic through the series.

And the authors found themselves facing many of the same problems that comic writers have.  If you are working on Superman - how do you put him into a place where your readers have actual worry about how he will survive this adventure?  He's freak'n Superman and can juglle planets.  How do you hurt him in a way the has an emotional tug?  The same with Remo.  As he progesses he gains ablities that are beyond "human" but their stories are far more reality grounded, so how do you threaten him and Chuin. 

There were several adventure where I found myself going "NOOOO!" because our heroes were about to knock on that final door.  I was involved and needed them to survive.

I"m so glad to hear that they have - and that the Adventure continues!


lusiphur 1/22/2013 10:01:51 AM

 Yeah, Tim.  Thanks for the interview.  I remember picking up in the late 70s and read up through the first 70 or so.  Recently, my interest has been re-ignited and I picked up a couple of the new novellas from their website.  I have to say, as is evident in the interview, Murphy is reallllllllly right wing, almost to the point of fanaticism.  Maybe it was naive youth or a shift in my political viewpoint, but the anti-liberal soapboxing seemed a little more heavy handed in the newer works than in the classics I read as a teen.  That being said, I'll happily pick up #150 and may take a stab at the Legacy series.  And bring on a new movie.

monkeyfoot 1/22/2013 10:08:50 AM


Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!  The last thing I was expecting today when I went to Mania was a wonderful interview like this!

I have only read about 5 of the series but I fell in love with Remo and Chuin after the Remo Williams movie. Like Murphy, I was head over hells for Joel Grey as the Master of Sinanju despite the political incorrectness of the casting. He deserved an Oscar nom. And also like Murphy I thought the villain was beneath the great heroes they intro'd in the first half of the movie. I thought the characters deserved way better and went to the books where I found them used to their full satirical action packed best.

Warren Murphy sounds like the wonderful, irracible curmudgeon someone would invent for a story but he is real. He needs to write himself into a book as Remo's dad. It would show where he got his attitude (I can imagine Murphy putting a bullet into his TV watching Obama's speech yesterday).

Happy to hear the series will continue in two different forms. I haven't read the books for years but I will definitely pick up #150 and Remo's sons book. As for movies, I have longed for their return to the big (or little) screen done properly. I hope this happens soon. Jackie Chan or Jet Li would be perfect for Chuin.

Here's hoping that The Destroyer series gets re-introduced to a new generation of fans for it is richly deserved. 

Moz72 1/22/2013 6:41:09 PM

I've seen the books, but unfortunately never read any. Remo Williams: The Adventure begins was my introduction to Remo and Chiun, and I vaguely remember the tv pilot. All I can say is that if Holywood decides to return Remo and Chiun to the big screen...PLEASE keep the original score and re-use Remo's Theme: In the Line of Fire by Tommy Shaw.

Another fiction series which I'm surprised never got picked up by Hollywood is the Mack Bolan series. That would have been a great movie series.

tjanson 1/22/2013 7:41:11 PM

Moz actually you have seen Mack Bolan on the big screen...sort of...The Punisher was largely based on mack Bolan AKA the Executioner.  Like the Punisher Bolan was a Vietnam war vet who began a personal war against the Mafia

tjanson 1/22/2013 7:44:40 PM

One of my favorite books is #30, Mugger Blood.  It's different than the rest because he's not on a mission for CURE.  he basically hears about a little old lady who was robbed and beaten to death in New York and he decides to go there and mete out a little street justice.



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